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Contained within this link are:

        Year-by-Year listing of lettermen

        Alphabetized listing of lettermen

        List of players who may have lettered but I don’t have verification that they did. There may also be players who lettered who I do not have on the list. In either case, I am asking the reader to communicate with me if they know of any player I have missing from this list, or if they know that a player I have on the list did NOT letter. Also, any help with mis-spelling of these names is appreciated.  Thank you for your assistance.  You can contact me at


The search to find all of the lettermen in the program included the following:


1. As reported in the newspaper (either at the start of the season in terms of returning lettermen or at the end of the season in terms of players who earned a letter.


2. As reported in the yearbook.


3. As reported in one of the Athletic Banquet programs I have from the past 10 years.


4. Any player who earned a post season honor if they aren’t listed in either 1, 2 or 3 (because these people obviously lettered).

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1926 C. J. Gilbert Veek Skains
  Kenneth Teegarden Orville Dickerson
  James Price Byron Chuck Skains
  Roy Morgan Clyde Taylor
  John Sowers Clabe Maxey
  Julius Anderson Hap Gimber
  Gabe Durham Arnett Garriss
  Percy Dortch Jack Gilstrap
  A. T. Drewett, Jr.  Tot Hyde
  James Gimber  Albert McMurray
  Clyde Swanson John Wood
  Cedric Dickerson  Will Radescich, Jr.
1927 Kenneth Teegarden Alton Pope
  Orville Dickerson James Price
  Byron Chuck Skains Roy Morgan
  Clyde Taylor John Sowers
  Clabe Maxey Irby Meredith
  Julius Anderson Hap Gimber
  Gabe Durham Arnett Garriss
  Frank Brewer Percy Dortch
  Bill Gimber Jack Gilstrap
  A. T. Drewett, Jr.  Tot Hyde
1928 Henry Brewer Byron Skains
  Roy Morgan Huborn Boyett
  James Price Teal Calhoun
  William Machen Ed Grigsby
  Cornelius Martin Gabe Durham
  Pete Fuller Ben Bevill
  Tot Hyde Percy Dortch
  Elmon Fletcher Alton Pope
  Kenneth Teegarden Hap Gimber
  Clabe Maxey Gordy Bevill
  Frank Brewer  
1929 Henry Brewer Byron Chuck Skains
  Cornelius Martin Teal Calhoun
  Dudley Shell Robert Turner
  William Machen Joe Grigsby
  Earl Powers James Watts
  Huborn Boyett Cody Bevill
  Ed Grigsby James Price
  Willie Reid Frank Cox
  Roy Morgan Frank Scott
1930 Cody Bevill  
  Richie Power Earl Power
  Jack Sowers Murray Woodyard
  Arnold Smith John Brewer
  Herman Bass Richard Walsh
  Hovy Harrell Curtis Varnell
  J. D. Wood Harold Dillard
  Dudley Shell S. A. Ward
  Homer McMurray  Travis Hicks 
  Harold Lowery Kenny Shepard
  Charles Haynie Lucas Ashcroft
1931 Richie Power Hovy Harrell
  Kidd Farr Joe Grigsby
  Harold Dillard Clyde McLeod
  Curtis Varnell S. A. Ward
  Billie Howard J. D. Wood
  Wayne Bethea Richard Walsh
  Jack Sowers Willie Reid
  Earl Power John Brewer
  Arnold Smith Randle Mixon
1932 Hovy Harrell Joe Beville
  Lee Wood S. A. Ward
  J. D. Wood Joe Grigsby
  Kidd Farr Curtis Varnell
  Sellenger Walsh Atwood Davis
  Harold Dillard Clyde McLeod
  Billie Howard Earl Power
  Turner Frank Gimber
  Stanley Martin J. T. Sullivan
1933 J. D. "Farmer" Jones Joe Beville
  Jack Noah Miley Walsworth
  Henry Baker Atwood Davis
  Joe Grigsby Hovy Harrell
  J. D. Wood Millard Machen
  Kidd Farr Curtis Varnell
  Sellenger Walsh Aaron Willis
  S. A. Ward Lee Wood
  Lynwood Mixon Charlie Smith
    Bobby Byrnes
1934 J. D. "Farmer" Jones Joe Beville
  Jack Noah Miley Walsworth
  Henry Baker Atwood Davis
  Kidd Farr Bryant Allen
  Ford Powers Boddie Baker 
  Winfred Blair David McIllwain
  Mayo Faith Lyndon Allen
  Douglas Walsworth James Faith
  David Harper Curtis Varnell
  Henderson Parker Joe Walsh
  Jack Wallace  
1935 Henry Baker David Harper
  Ray Jenkins David McIlwain
  George Stokes Mayo Faith
  Bill Henderson John Davis
  Winfred Blair Leo McCoy
  Arville Boyett Hugh Barton
  J. F. Lovell James Skains
  John Tucker J. D. “Farmer” Jones
  Ford Powers Joe Walsh
  Miley Walsworth  Bryant Allen
  Jack Thornton  Douglas Walsworth
  Leon Cantwell  
1936 Willard McDaniel Douglas Haynes
  Winfred Blair Bill Henderson
  Shellie Simms Arville Boyett
  James Skains Denton Shell
  F. M. Hagler Hugh Barton
  David Harper David McIlwain
  Henderson Parker  John Davis
  Henry Baker George Stokes
  Ray Jenkins Mayo Faith
  Hasty Killen J. F. Lovell
  Ben Killen  
1937 Arville Boyett James Skains
  Hasty Killen Winfred Blair
  Bill Henderson Denton Shell
  F. M. Hagler Louis DeBusk
  Harold DeWalley Willard McDaniel
  James Thomas J. F. Lovell
  Glyn Wilkerson Clarence Bright
  Pete Kelly Donald Boyette
  Hubert McMahon Harding Broussard
  Ben Killen John Creel
  Theron Lovell Donald Boyett
  O. B. Skains  
1938 Edward Powell Theron Lovell
  Bunk Sheppard Carey Welch
  Herbert Pete Kelley John Creel
  Vernon Hyde Donald Boyett
  Harding Broussard F. M. Hagler
  Don Dark Harold Debray
  Ernest Melton Aaron Melton
  Amos Armon Heflin Nugent
  Cortez Creel Paul Jones
  Rudolph Muse Emille Tinnerello
  Coody Kersh Parker
1939 Howard Porter Kersh Parker
  Harlan Wilkerson Rufus Wilkerson
  Carey Welch Donald Temple
  Billie Flournoy John Poisso
  Reece Carraway Cortez Creel
  Bill Nugent L. M. Ferrell
  Donald Maxwell Aaron Melton
  Clifford Hughes F. M. Hagler
  Matt Milam Jack Lee
  Bobbie Joe King Ernest Melton
  Arie Hughes Don Dark
  Harding Broussard Al Barton
1940 Howard Porter Kersh Parker
  Jack Lee Hollie McDade
  Donald Temple Clifford Hughes
  Felix Mercer Bobby Dennis
  Dan Page Harry Gammill
  Roger Smith Joseph Hodge
  Reece Carraway Red Clements
  L. M. Ferrell Arie Hughes
  Rudolph Muse Rufus Wilkerson
  Harlan Wilkerson John Poisso
  Bobbie Joe King Billy Dickerson
  Bill Nugent  
1941 Jack Luzader Joseph Hodge
  A. F. Singletary Lehron Rainwater
  John Melton Don Walsh
  Billy Dickerson Dan Page
  James Poole J. W. Kennedy
  Hoyte Parker Edward Parker
  Bobby Dennis Roger Smith
  Morgan Carroway Ray Shetley
  John Glynn Jackson A. L. Sikes
  J. C. Mixon  Truman Harper
  Garland Gorham  Harry Gammill
  Clifford Hughes Jack Lee
  Bobby Joe King Felix Mercer 
  Hollie McDade  
1942 Roger Smith John Glynn Jackson
  Joseph Hodge A. F. Singletary
  Truman Harper Don Walsh
  Leonard Horton Dan Page
  A. L. Sikes John Melton
  Howard Rainwater J. C. Mixon
  Bobby Dennis Ray Shetley
  Morgan Carroway J. W. Kennedy
  Robert Edgington Albert George
  Edward Parker Billy Jones
  Hoy Neal Garland Gorham
  Merle Henderson  
1943 C. C. Carter Jack Gorham
  Buster Keaton Billy Jones
  Albert George Edward Parker
  John Glynn Jackson Robert Edgington
  Ray Shetley A. L. Sikes
  Merle Henderson Lawrence Donahoe
  Billy Drewett  
1944 Tracy Lee Harrel Joe Emerson
  Buster Keaton C. C. Carter
  Ralph Sanders H. C. Moorhead
  Jack Gorham Cecil Berry
  Hal Earle Ott Gorham
  Hunter Edgington Bill Glenn
  Eugene Temple James Sikes
  Terry Hughes Bobby Barnes
  John Stroud Max Curry
  Jimmie Rainwater Clarence Jenkins
  Richard Moon Melvin Berry
1945 Tracy Lee Harrel Elton Long
  Vernon Lawrence H. C. Moorhead
  Eugene Temple Jackie Givens
  Ralph Sanders Jimmie Rainwater
  C. C. Carter James Sikes
  Jack Gorham Buster Keaton
  Joe Emerson Bobby Barnes
1946 Tracy Lee Harrel Elton Long
  Vernon Lawrence H. C. Moorhead
  Eugene Temple Jackie Givens
  Ralph Sanders C. C. Carter
  James Sikes Curtis Rozelle
  Fred Golson Warren Hendrix
  Douglas DeLoach Jack Gorham
  Percy Roberts Billy Boyett
  Sherman Roberts Gerald Neal
  Bobby Barnes Bobby Henderson
  Jimmie Rainwater  
1947 Curtis Rozelle Elton Long
  Hal Melkild Percy Roberts
  Billy Boyett Sherman Roberts
  Bullard Jones Durwood Swilley
  Ardis Sikes Vernon Ford
  John William Warner Vernon McDonald
  Bobby Bass Thomas Dean
  Gerald Page Jimmy Holleman
  Jack Myrick Jimmy Dickerson
  Waymon Swilley Sam Rosier
  Bill Christiansen  
1948 Waymon Swilley Ben Singletary
  Charles Eyer Frank King
  Sam Rosier Ellard Brantley
  Durwood Swilley  James Chandler
  Harold Tarver James Melton
  Sam Emerson Gerald Page
  Charles Stone Oliver Smart
  John William Warner Charles Tomlinson
  Ardis Ray Sikes Bobby Bass
  Dan Carr Vernon McDonald
  Jack Myrick  
1949 Sam Emerson Ben Singletary
  Bobby Bass Gerald Carter
  Allen Massey Bobby Dickerson
  Ed Roberts Dan Carr
  James Melton Bobby Gassiott
  Charles Tomlinson Frank King
  Harold Tarver Jerry Melton
  Charles Eyer James Chandler
  Ellard Brantley Miles Hambleton
  Henry Thomas William Cockerham
  Oliver Smart   

1950Bobby BassBen Singletary
 Bob DickersonCharles Tomlinson
 Ed RobertsDan Carr
 James ChandlerMiles Hambleton
 William CockerhamBilly Boyett
 James Hall EmersonBobby Gassiott
 Frank KingLarry Kennedy
 Gene S. PorterBobby Rhymes
 Jimmy RichardsonConrad Swilley
 Russell SullivanCharles Townsend
 Robert KelleyAllen Massey
 Robert BoyettJack Parker
1951Jimmy TerrellGlen Evans
 Jimmy AnyonRobert Kelley
 Billy GorhamCharles Townsend
 Jack ParkerRussell Sullivan
 Benny SmithRobert Boyett
 Jimmy RichardsonConrad Swilley
 Thomas StraughanBilly Boyett
 Gene S. PorterBobby Rhymes
 Max MercerBobby Kornegay
 James Hall EmersonMiles Hambleton
 Frank King 
1952Troy Lynn SmithCharles Varnell
 Glen EvansBennie Simmons
 Jimmy TerrillThomas Straughan
 Robert BoyettBobby Gates
 Conrad SwilleyJimmy Richardson
 Robert KelleyCharles Townsend
 Miles HambletonJack Parker
 Russell SullivanBenny Smith
 Billy GorhamJimmy Anyan
 Pete ColeJoe Jenkins 
1953Glen EvansCharles Varnell
 Bennie SimmonsJerry Drewett
 Jimmy TerrillStanley Bass
 Jimmy AnyanA. B. White
 John EcholsTroy Lynn Smith
 John CreelGlen Brister 
1954Don BrooksHershel Machen
 Truett HolcombJimmy Clark
 Brooks BroussardMickey Frazier
 Troy MixonClyde McCleod
 James SullivanJimmy Ross
 John HarringtonTommy Seabaugh
 Herbert GarrardJoe Vines
 John CreelJake Williams
 Stanley BassThomas Martin
 Dale ReevesCharlie Bice
 Sam FordJohnny Newman
 Bill Brian 
1955Thomas MartinDale Reeves
 Bill LongJames Machen
 Glyn MixonMickey Frazier
 John HarringtonTommy Seabaugh
 Jake WilliamsJohn Creel
 Johnny NewmanBrooks Broussard
 Jimmy ClarkWoodrow Waggoner
 Stanley BassRayford Nix
 Johnnie SmithTruett Holcomb
 Bill BrianFrank Echols
 Harold WorshamDonald Nugent
 Bill Garret 
1956Mickey FrazierBill Long
 Larry GorhamTruett Holcomb
 Jake WilliamsSammy Bird
 Larry RiceDick DeBusk
 Darrell MayesSam Ford  (Hank??)
 Thomas LathamLeonard Melton
 Brooks BroussardLyle Wayne Thompson
 Thomas GorhamJohn Harrington
1957Arthur ChandlerLarry Price
 Aubry McCartyJohn Harrington
 Dan RossBill Long
 Lyndell StanfillC. A. McCartney
 Dick DeBuskJerald Sanders 
 Russell TaylorLyle W. Thompson
 Jake WilliamsDarrell Mayes
 Conley AdamsH. F. Allbritton
 Marshall HoughShelton Collins
 Weldon GordonCharles Hammons
 Tommy WyattLeonard Melton
 Lee Edwin Carter 
1958Conley AdamsDarrell Mayes
 H. F. AllbrittonThomas Latham
 Raymond ZimmermanGeorge Gilcrease
 Shelton CollinsWeldon Gordon
 Marshall HoughCharles Hammons
 Jimmy BerryJohnny Wroten
 Gerald BryantJerry Burch
 James HowellTommy Wyatt
 Mack MartinCharles Griffen
 Rusty MeltonDon Jones
 Carroll LongCecil Taylor
 Wayne McFarland 
1959Bernard FletcherJohnny Wroten
 Jerry BurchTommy Wyatt
 Donald NicklasWillie Carter
 Mike TinnerelloKelly Peterson
 Keith WrightGerald Bryant
 Jimmy BoltonJimmy Berry
 Harry DeBuskMack Martin
 Rusty MeltonCecil Taylor
 Jimmy BrazzellBilly Barton
 David AdamsCharles Austin
 Carroll LongKelly Strickland
 Gerald LongJames Lloyd Collins
 Butch LoweryWayne McFarland
 Benny CanerdayDon Jones
 Perry Joe SmithCharles Griffen
 Bobby Brazzell 
1960Benny CanerdayCecil Taylor
 Gerald BryantBobby Brazzell
 James Lloyd CollinsJimmy Berry
 Butch LoweryCharles Austin
 David AdamsGerald Long
 Rodney LenardMike Tinnerello
 Willie CarterHarry DeBusk
 Perry Joe SmithWayne McFarland
 Billy BartonJimmy Bolton
 Don NicklasCarroll Long
 Mack MartinDon Jones
 Ruston Melton 
1961James Lloyd CollinsCecil Taylor
 David AdamsGerald Long
 Rodney LenardMike Tinnerello
 Wayne McFarlandBilly Barton
 Jimmy BoltonCarroll Long
 Mack MartinDon Jones
 Rusty MeltonCharles Machen
 Ronald SkainsBob Wyatt
 Ronnie ParkerTom Trawick
 Harley GordonCully Warren
 Don GarrettEugene Edmonds 
 Jimmy Brazzell Richard Evans 
1962Joe SpenceBill Read
 Rodney LenardOtis Peterson
 Ronnie ParkerGlenn Sullivan
 Ronald SkainsKenneth Tarver
 Jimmy BoltonJames Wallace
 Bob WyattDale Ladd
 Cully WarrenTom Trawick
 Eddie McManusVernon Blair
 Jerry PriceRalph Riley
 Kenny WhiteBob Taylor
 Harley Gordon 
1963Cully WarrenBob Wyatt
 Tom TrawickHarley Gordon
 Eddie McManusVernon Blair
 Jerry PriceRalph Riley
 Kenny WhiteBob Taylor
 Dale LaddJames Wallace
 Bob WhiteTommy Gandy
 Mike MilamDanny Sullivan
 Jim DuncanJimmy Gibson
1964Dale LaddDanny Sullivan
 Darrell PeddyJim Duncan
 Mike MilamJimmy Gibson
 Bob WhiteLarry Crain
 Jacque DerrJames Wallace
 Charlie DawsonTommy Gandy
 Tommy KendrickLawrence White
 Bobby HortonBilly Henderson
 Byron PowellMike Kelley
 Rusty RussellTommy Milam
 Danny ErskinsHovy Harrell
 Mike CockerhamRonald Griffin
 Mike Kennedy 
1965Tommy GandyLawrence White
 Danny ErskinsMike Kelley
 Ricky JordanRonald Griffen
 Charlie DawsonRonald Brazzell
 Mike KennedySteve Heard
 Houston EtheridgeHovy Harrell
 Mike CockerhamByron Powell
 Woody BrazzellGary Green
 Wayne WoodSteve Stroud
 Charles PoissoMike Spangler
 Larry GibsonJerry Hightower
 Ralph RobertsRonald Howard
1966Ronald BrazzellRalph Roberts
 Larry “Hoot” GibsonDale Stewart
 Randy PoissoJimmy Dale Zimmerman
 Glenn StewartTommy Tinnerello
 Hershal LongWoody Brazzell
 Ricky JordanRob Thompson
 Steve StroudLamar Skains
 Gary GreenCharles Poisso
 Wayne WoodRonald Howard
 Charlie DawsonRonald Griffin
 Mike KennedyJerry Hightower
 Mike Spangler 
1967Tommy TinnerelloRalph Roberts
 Glenn StewartRobbie Richards
 Larry “Hoot” GibsonHershal Long
 Steve StroudMike Spangler
 Jimmy Dale Zimmerman  Randy Poisso
 Charles PoissoWayne Wood
 Ronald HowardMack Fowler
 Charles EaglesWilliam Jones
 Jimmy ThomasDoug Allen
 Danny TullosKeith Rigdon
 Ricky HannaGary Green
1968Glenn StewartTommy Tinnerello
 Hershal LongRandy Poisso
 Earl DenningMack Fowler
 Charles EaglesDoug Allen
 Robbie RichardsRicky Hanna
 Monte JarniganJoe Stewart
 David ScottDaniel Scott
 Frederick CottonBrett Flournoy
 Mike ParkerTerry Skains
 Roger LongEarle Wright
 Roland BartonDavid Caskey 
 John CaldwellBilly Martin
1969Roland BartonJohnny Barton
 Husher CalhounAlan Carter
 David CaskeyJulius Craft
 Cecil EtheridgeBrett Flournoy
 Ricky HannaMonte Jarnigan
 Jerry KeenLynn Lasyone
 Roger LongRobbie Richards
 Daniel ScottDavid Scott
 Lonnel ShermanTerry Skains
 Bill StewartJoe Stewart
 Randy StricklandMike Sullivan
 Ken VarnellGreg Wagoner
 James WatersEarle Wright
 Phil HemphillDoug Hemphill
 Jerry DuboisCharles Cockerham
 Mike Cherry 

1970Johnny BartonRoland Barton
 David CaskeyMike Cherry
 Jerry DuboisCharles Estay
 Bill StewartBuddy Lewis 
 Roy CottonJames Hutchins
 Leonard JonesJohn C. Jones
 Paul LarsonLynn Lasyone
 Randy StricklandGeorge Tannehill
 Tucker WattsJohn Wayne Williams
 Lionel JohnsonCraig Rice
 Greg WagonerSteve Adams
 Husher CalhounJulius Craft
 Doug HemphillJerry Keen
 Alan CarterRandy Parker
 Eddie Jenkins 
1971Alan CarterRoy Cotton
 Eddie JenkinsJimmy Price
 John C. JonesJerry Keen
 Lynn LasyoneRandy Parker
 Randy StricklandGeorge Tannehill
 Greg WagonerTucker Watts
 Charles Williams Steve Adams
 James JohnsonClaude Smart
 Mickey BrewtonDonnie Wells
 Billy Verhoef Reynard Hamilton
 Leonard JonesJames Hutchins
 Paul LarsonLionel Johnson
 Bill StewartJohn Wayne Williams
 Hal Hickey 
1972James JohnsonSteve Adams
 Mickey BrewtonRonnie Johnson
 Lionel JohnsonClaude Smart
 Glen AndersonWilson Curry
 Charles DavisPat Hemphill
 Ronnie CraytonSteve Williams
 Tommy DowlingCharles Oliver
 Tony LewisCody Cummings
 Richmond GunterWillie Coleman
 Phil HoggardBill Rowell
 Matt MilamPaul Harlan
 Rex KeifferReynard Hamilton
 Gary JonesHal Hickey
 Mike LewisAllen Berlin
1973Cody CummingsMatt Milam
 Freddie KingMike Shows
 Mark SheltonPaul Harlan
 Hal HickeyPat Hemphill
 Richmond GunterMartin Hutto
 Darrell TurnerTommy Dowling
 Charles DavisCharles Oliver
 Bill RowellGary Jones
 Roosevelt RobinsonHenry Jones
 Gerald KingLeland Wilson
 Gary GreshamArthur Buster Davis
 Phil HoggardMarcus Jones
 Al LongGlen Anderson
 Steve WilliamsDonnie Hutchins
 Allen BerlinRonnie Crayton
1974Lyn BankstonDanny Parker
 Arthur Buster DavisSteve Jones
 Howard WilsonKeith Elliott
 Richmond GunterRandy Brewton
 Henry JonesMike Kimble
 Nathan JohnsonPhilip Whitehead
 Freddie KingTommy Chatman
 Marcus JonesKeith King
 Mike KellyGerald King
 Randy HemperleyDarrell Turner
 Martin HuttoMike Shows
 Bruce ShepardOberal Merchant
 Buford JordanRankin Curry
 Mickey ZimmermanFrankie Shelton
  Gregg Batts
1975Howard WilsonLyn Bankston
 Bruce ShepardMike Kimble
 Randy BrewtonRankin Curry
 Tommy ChatmanKarl King
 Keith KingDanny Parker
 Ricky GrayGreg Batts
 Dennis BrownBuck Carter
 Randy CoxDavid Holden
 Mickey ZimmermanAl Harrell
 Carl BruceTony Warren
 Steve JonesNathan Johnson
 Willie GreenFreddie King
 Travis LutherOberal Merchant
 Kennon AndersonMarcus Jones
 Frankie SheltonE. K. Duff
 Reagan Stewart 
1976Lyn BankstonOberal Barnes
 Al HarrellE. K. Duff
 George MossMickey Zimmerman
 Buck CarterNathan Johnson
 Rankin CurryWillie Green
 Jimmy HusserJames Austin
 Lester MillsDexter Holden
 Lamar PittmanFrankie Shelton
 Karl KingReagan Stewart
 Ricky ChatmanSteve Barnes
 Dennis BrownBruce Shepard
 Gregg BattsDonnie Purser
1977Terry Joe RamseyDexter Holden
 Ricky ChatmanWoody Grigg
 Lorenzo LewisBrent Hubbard
 Kevin WagonerJeffery Dale
 Terry HoldenTodd Williams
 Craig CummingsRandy Husser
 Tommy CampbellKevin Poisso
 Charlie HoldenMark Swilley
 Mike CrawfordPerry Rainwater
 Kenny CraytonJohn Tice
 Terry MixonTodd Roberts
 Donnie PurserJeff Anderson
 Garry PowellTim Jordan
 Stafford MosesJoey Ates
1978Ricky ChatmanWoody Grigg
 Craig CummingsJoey Ates
 Charlie HoldenTim Jordan
 Garry PowellJeffrey Dale
 Brent HubbardMark Swilley
 Donnie PurserKevin Wagoner
 Perry RainwaterKenny Crayton
 Stafford MosesTommy Latham
 Terry Joe RamseyKevin Poisso
 Tommy CampbellMike Crawford
 Terry MixonArtie Horn
 Mike McFarlandRobert Rhymes
 Mike ChandlerMike Simmons
 Greg Powell  
1979Tim JordanJeffery Dale
 Ricky ChatmanTommy Campbell
 Kevin WagonerTommy Latham
 Robert RhymesKevin Poisso
 Greg LewisBobby Huey
 Teal DickEarl Funches
 Chuck JurekBob Barton
 Glyn CreelRichard Williams
 Joey AtesJay Frazier
 Chip LittleCraig Cummings
 Perry RainwaterMark Hennigan
 Terry MageeArtie Horn
 Greg PowellMike Crawford

1980Sampson CollinsBennie Mitchell
 Marcel MillsJohnny Williams
 Greg PowellEarl Funches
 Andy WhiteTommy Latham
 Greg LewisChip Little
 Cedric HueyRichard Williams
 Shad RobertsTerry Magee
 Glyn CreelChris Carter
 Jay HuckabyPerry Myles
 Ken MaloyDoyce Gorham
 Kenneth GorumJeffery Dale
 Chuck JurekMark Hennigan
 Darryl White 
1981Greg PowellRichard Williams
 Andy WhiteTommy Latham
 Sampson CollinsBennie Mitchell
 Perry MylesMarcel Mills
 Jay HuckabyJess Grigg
 Glen NelsonDonnie McKenney
 Kevin CollinsChester Brinson
 Kenneth GorumEarl Funches
 Johnny WilliamsDoyce Gorham
 Garlon PowellKen Maloy
 Andrew RiggsThomas King
1982Marcel MillsTodd Wold
 Chester BrinsonThomas King
 Perry MylesGarlon Powell
 Jay CrooksSampson Collins
 Jess GriggKevin Collins
 Roger WilliamsJay Huckaby
 Andrew RiggsEdward Pearson
 Jed MartinJon Zeagler
 Doug LawrenceTony Abron
 Randy JohnsonBennie Mitchell
 Raymond DurbinSteve Canerday
 Gary IrvinJohnny Williams
 Glen NelsonDavid Foster
 Calvin Durham
1983Darrick DuncanTrey Harrel
 Al SimmonsDavid Sullivan
 Robby WarnerGary Irvin
 Roger WilliamsJed Martin
 Garlon PowellAndrew Riggs
 Roy WilliamsJay Crooks
 Alain JonesEugene Myles
 Steve CanerdayClint Turner
 Rafis BrewKevin Clark
 David FosterTony Abron
 Craig WardRandy Whitley
 Thomas KingRaymond Durbin
 Randy JohnsonByron Curry
 Darriel SmithEddie Russell
 Jon Zeagler Charlie Holmes
1984Darrick DuncanEddie Russell
 Al SimmonsDavid Sullivan
 Robby WarnerLonnie Davis
 Steve SheltonRodger Williams
 Byron CurryAndrew Riggs
 David FosterJed Martin
 Eugene MylesRandy Whitley
 Randy JohnsonAlain Jones
 Eric CaldwellKevin Clark
 Charlie HolmesSam McFarland
 Rafis BrewCraig Ward
 Tony AbronJeff Howard
 Clint TurnerKirk Long
 Charles Ray WilliamsTrey Harrel
 Roy WilliamsRaymond Durbin
  Charlie Holmes 
1985Ritchie BeamsShannon Blake
 Scott BruceScott Canerday
 Dannon ErskinsRicky Frazier
 Trey MachenMike Manthei
 Lane ParkerTravis Phillips
 Lonnie DavisRod Todd 
 Jeff HowardSteve Shelton
 Trey HarrelEddie Russell
 David SullivanCraig Ward
 Eric CaldwellRobert Riser
 Ricky WilliamsRobby Causey
 Darrick DuncanKirk Long
 Al SimmonsJohn Nichols
 Robby WarnerKenny Brown
1986Rod ToddScott Canerday
 Trey MachenEric Caldwell
 Jeff HowardTravis Phillips
 Michael MantheiSteve Shelton
 Ricky WilliamsKenny Brown
 Robby CauseyRitchie Beams
 Keith RogersTommy Johnson 
 Carey BroudyKirk Long
 Chad BowenShannon Blake
 Dannon ErskinsScott Bruce
 Tarron PhillipsCraig Waters
 Brian GistandThomas Richardson
 Vernon McCoyDetrick Williams
 Shayne JonesCraig Williams
 Robert MorganSteve Straughan
1987Tarron PhillipsRod Todd
 Craig WatersBrian Gistand
 Kenny BrownDannon Erskins
 Mark McCoyDetrick Williams
 Shayne JonesMichael Manthei
 Trey MachenScott Canerday
 Chip ClarkShawn Wagoner
 Scott BruceTommy Johnson
 Gary SingletonLawrence Jones
 Andre McGillRobert Morgan
 Jody AdamsCraig Williams
 Thomas RichardsonCarey Broudy
 Travis PhillipsSteve Straughan
 Chad MeltonScott Sanders
1988Carey BroudyShayne Jones
 Darius ShirleyChad Melton
 Chris MylesMatt Machen
 Marvin WalkerScott Bruce
 Robert MorganCraig Williams
 Mark McCoyTolbert Triplett
 Andre McGillChad Misuraca
 Reginald TurnerCraig Waters
 Scott SandersLawrence Jones
1989Kevin PharrChad Misuraca
 Chris Myles John Michael Spangler
 Bryan KellyChad Taylor
 Tolbert TriplettRusty Roberts
 William GloverCorek Hall
 Wesley WalkerChuck Weaver
 Matt MachenKareem Smith
 Daryl AbronArturo Olmos
 Chad HarkinsChip Thomas
 Cody JohnsScott Phelps
 Steven ManshackKenny Smith
 Todd GaddisJonathan Garrett

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New Page 1
In the list below are players I have not been able to verify that they have lettered. 
This list contains players that:
         are listed in game articles as being player, or
         are seniors and are not shown as lettermen.  
This list does not include other players who might have lettered but I don’t have a 
record of them doing so. The latter would include:
         people who played but I have no article or any other indication that 
      they did play (such as special team players), OR
          people I have included in the letterman’s list for at least one season, 
       but who may have lettered in other seasons.  
  (Bold = seniors)