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Acknowledgements, Special Request and How to Contact Me

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Credit where credit is due

I often hear the statement, "You must spend a lot of
time on Winnfield football."  Actually, this has been a
"hobby" I have pursued over my lifetime, so I don't
actually spend a lot of time at the present focusing
on Winnfield Tiger football, but I have spent a 
considerable amount of time over the past 30 years
researching Tiger football.  Since I am so familiar
with the information I have, it is fairly easy to know
when a Tiger team or Tiger individual has "done 
something special".
When I graduated from Winnfield Senior High School
it was my plan and intention to become a sports
journalist. Things change. I pursued another career, but
when I was in graduate school at LSU I spent some
of the time in the library researching information
related to the degree I was pursing, but it was at that
I discovered microfilm. My first foray into researching
Winnfield Tiger football came at that time when 
I researched the 1971 season of Winnfield Tiger
football.  Then, I began collecting information over the
years on select teams, but the research that has
led to my current collection of information didn't begin until 
the 1990s when I was provided with a copy of virtually every
article that has ever appeared in a Winn Parish 
newspaper on Winnfield Tiger football (more about 
that later).  I took all of that information and created
dozens of files on the football program.  Some of the files
are contained in links on this website. Since the middle
1990s I have continued to collect the articles that
appear in the Winn Parish Enterprise myself and have also
collected the box scores of every game that appears in
the Alexandria Town Talk. 
This has not been an individual effort.  These are the
people I am most indebted to in researching 
Winnfield Tiger football:
Greggory Ellis Davies - He is the person who provided
me with several box loads of virtually every article that  
in a Winn Parish newspaper from 1919 to 1995.  That meant 
that he sat at a micro-film machine, day after day; copied 
those articles and then funneled them to me. It is his love
of Winn parish history and Winnfield Tiger football
that motivated him to do that.  He deserves the
largest credit, for it is he who is the chief researcher.
He currently provides me with the box scores from the
Alexandria Towntalk.
Matthew Jenkins - he is my oldest son.  He gets credit
for actually setting up the web site.  He located the 
service provider, did the research on how to set up the web
site and set up the initial format.  My task then became
easy.  All I had to do was add information the links and 
it is now my task to correct or update that information.
Steve Adams - Assistant Principal at Winnfield Senior
High School, former Tiger quarterback (1970-1972),
Tiger assistant coach and life-long friend.  He  has provided
me with untold lists and bits of information, from yearly
rosters to season stats. 
Bill Stewart - Life-long friend, strong safety on the
vaunted 1971Tiger defense, lover of  Winnfield football.
He supplied me with box scores from the Alexandria 
Towntalk for most of the 1990s. 
Winn Parish and surrounding newspaper sportswriters:
A newspaper records history.  It is because of the effort
of a number of sports writers at the Winn Parish
Enterprise, the Winn Parish News American, the 
Alexandria Towntalk and the Shreveport Times that I have
had a chance to record the history that I have because it is 
through their narratives that I have taken information from
and compiled the files that I have.

I need your assistance in completing the missing information contained behind the following links.  Remember folks, one of my primary goals is to preserve history.  If you spot any error on this site please notify me.  However, where I know I need the most help is behind the following links:
1. Year-by-Year scores (any missing score from the earliest years of the program, such as the 1910s, a few games in the 1930s and my hunch is that more games were played in 1944.  If anyone has access to any old newspaper clipping in some scrapbook or an old yearbook that might have a missing score that might provide a missing score.  Scores tell the story of series records and records for a particular season)
2. Coaches (I lack almost all of the head coaches from the 1910s and many of the assistant coaches prior to the 1950s.
3. Lettermen and starters (I am bound to have players mispositioned, players omitted and players given credit for positions they didn't really play.  Also, I know I don't have a complete list of lettermen.
4. Captains (there are many years I don't have all of the team captains.
5. Photos (or game videos).  The only team photos I have on file are the 1971 team, the 1923 team and 1928 team.  I have no photos of individual players. I would love to have photos of any team, but especially those teams I have listed under the "Teams" link.  I would also love to begin a collection of the All State players and would it be too much to ask for photos of the All District players. I would certainly post those photos on this web site and would like to put them in the book I will publish on Winnfield Tiger Football.  For that matter, I can instantly post any digital photo right now (with ease).
The only videos I own are the highlight video of the 1971 regular season, a very grainy video of the 1982 state title game and a VHS of Anthony Thomas' 486 yd. rushing game against North Caddo.  A copy of any game videos is much appreciated.
If you find any of the missing gems from above please contact me at:
2. Telephone - 318-797-2854 (Home); 318-820-1080
3. Mail - Eddie Jenkins, 604 Milbank Circle, Shreveport, LA 71115.