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     During the months of August, 2009 through October, 2009 fans were invited to vote in the "First 100 Years Poll" conducted online at the web site.  A total of 219 complete ballots were tabulated.  
Criteria used for selecting candidates: 
1.  Players – I had two criteria.  One was post-season honors. I put any player who earned first team All District honors or for persons who played before All District teams were selected (pre-1950) I selected persons who earned any post season honor.  The other criteria used was any person who currently ranks high in any statistical category of the program (for example, leading rushers, leading tacklers, leading PAT kickers) who did not earn a post-season honor at that position.  This mainly applies to punters, kickers or return specialists, but it could apply to any position. The one exception to all of this is the Tight End position where only nine players have earned first team All District honors.  I put any player selected to an All District team; whether that be first team, second team or honorable mention.
2.  Head Coach – I listed all coaches that had a career won/loss record at Winnfield of .500 or higher.
3.  Assistant Coach – I included any assistant coach who served 3 or more years at the school or any assistant coach serving the school during one of the three championship game appearances.  
4.  Win – I selected wins that played a key role in a district title, key playoff game wins, major upsets or wins over other programs that were powers at the time.
5.  Loss – I selected losses that kept a Winnfield Tiger team from winning a district or state title, kept the Tigers out of the playoffs or were otherwise humiliating losses.
6.  Plays – the key word I thinking of was “decisive” plays or "game-changing" plays.  These would be plays that determined the outcome of a game and of course I picked key games, such as playoff games, games when the district title was on the line or upsets.
7.  Teams – I simply picked teams that have progressed the farthest in the playoffs, teams that achieved significant milestones or teams that rank high in team statistical categories.
NOTE: Every single nominee received at least one vote.  

After the voting was closed and I had a chance to analyze the results I determined that items that received 50% or more of the total vote would be included as a finalist in the First 100 Year Team.  I have also provided the Top Ten list for each category, which also includes those items that did not receive a minimum of 50% of the vote.  

The percentage given means the percent of voters who included that item on their ballot.  For example, voters were asked to pick the 7 best teams.  If four voters cast their ballot and three of those voters included the 1982 team and six other teams, the 1982 team was included on 75% of those four voters ballots.  If two of those voters included the 1971 team and six other teams, the 1971 team was included on 50% of those ballots, and so on.