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Winnfield (Senior) High School College Signees - Football
Note: Year denotes final year of play, NOT year of graduation since a football season falls at the end of one calendar year and graduation falls near the middle of the next calendar year.
1909Tom HuffmanLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1913Arthur MathisLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1919Harold WoodLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1919Jim HatcherOuachitaArkadelphia, AR  
1907Charles C. BauerLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1907W. J. HamiltonLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1915Keith E. JonesLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1923Grady NewtonHenderson-BrownArkadelphia, AR  
1923Robert M. Fletcher Louisiana CollegePineville, LA  
1924Herbert WassonSouthern College (Florida)Lakeland, FL  
1924Benny ParkerVanderbilt UniversityNashville, TN  
1926C. J. GilbertLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1926A. W. RadescichLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1927J. B. DurhamLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1928Frank BrewerLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1929Henry BrewerLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1930Roy MorganUniversity of OregonPortland, OR  
1931E. LoweryLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1943John Glyn JacksonNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1945Buster KeatonNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1946Jackie GivensNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1948Durwood SwilleyLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 John William WarnerLouisiana CollegePineville, LA  
1950Dan CarrNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1953Glen Evans Louisiana CollegePineville, LA  
1955Johnny NewmanNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1958Darrell MayesNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Thomas Latham Northeast Louisiana Monroe, LA  
1959Tommy WyattNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1961Don JonesGeorgia TechAtlanta, LA  
 Mike TinnerelloUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
 Carroll LongNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Gerald LongNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Wayne McFarlandUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
1962Rusty Melton Louisiana CollegePineville, LA  
1966Jerry Hightower Louisiana CollegePineville, LA  
 Ronald BrazzellTrinity College San Antonio, TX  
 Charlie DawsonTrinity College San Antonio, TX  
1967Charles PoissoNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
1968Randy PoissoNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
1969Robbie RichardsWest Point West Point, NY  
1971Alan CarterMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
 Jerry KeenUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
 Randy StricklandNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 John Wayne WilliamsGramblingGrambling, LA  
 Roy CottonNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1972Steve AdamsKilgore Jr. C./Stephen F. AustinKilgore, TX  
 Ronnie JohnsonKilgore Jr. CollegeKilgore, TX  
 Reynard HamiltonUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
 Lionell JohnsonUniversity of TexasAustin, TX  
 James JohnsonMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
 Claude SmartMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
1973Tommy DowlinngNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
 Allen BerlinNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1974Richmond GunterNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1976Nathan JohnsonNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
 Jimmy HusserNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
 Rankin CurryKilgore Jr. CollegeKilgore, TX  
 Lyn BankstonLouisiaia TechRuston, LA  
1978Woody GriggOle MissOxford, MS  
 Donnie PurserNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
 Terry Joe RamseyNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1979Ricky ChatmanLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 Tommy CampbellLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 Kevin PoissoLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1980Jeffery DaleLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
1981Greg PowellLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1982Benny MitchellNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
 Jay HuckabyBrigham Young UniversityProvo, UT  
 Marcel MillsMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
 Perry MylesMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
1983Gary IrvinMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
 Garlon PowellLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
 Thomas KingUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
1984Roger WilliamsNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Randy JohnsonMcNeeseLake Charles, LA  
1988Carey BroudyLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1989John Michael SpanglerLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1991Chad HarkinsArkansas - MonticelloMonticello, AR  
1993Ryan PoissoUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
1994Brian GarrettNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
1995David GarrUniversity of Southwest LouisianaLafayette, LA  
 David ColemanNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
1996Anthony ThomasUniversity of MichganAnn Arbor, MI  
1997Gilbert HigginbothamArkansas - MonticelloMonticello, AR  
 Justin DurbinLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
1998Ryan PorterNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Daniel PetersonNortheast Louisiana UniversityMonroe, LA  
2000Chuck BallSouthern UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 Matt JohnsLouisiana CollegePineville, LA  
 Freddie KingLouisiana TechRuston, LA  
2001Jamayel PhillipsUniversity of NebraskaLincoln, NE  
 Zan JohnsonUniversity of Louisiana - MonroeMonroe, LA  
 Andrew SmithGramblingGrambling, LA  
 Seth HowellSouthern ArkansasMagnolia, AR  
 Donald AlexanderGramblingGrambling, LA  
 Antwun BarnesGramblingGrambling, LA  
2002John C. JonesGramblingGrambling, LA  
 Jake JunkinUniversity of Louisiana - LafayetteLafayette, LA  
2003Jarvis EdwardsSouthern ArkansasMagnolia, AR  
2004Antonio RobinsonLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 Cartez BrownSouthern ArkansasMagnolia, AR  
 Kevin AshleySouthern ArkansasMagnolia, AR  
2007Nathan ShettersLouisiana CollegePineville, LA  
 Chris WilliamsLouisiana CollegePineville, LA  
 Tyler PylesUniversity of Louisiana - MonroeMonroe, LA  
2011Alonzo MooreUniversity of NebraskaLincoln, NE  
 Trey GilbertEllsworth Community CollegeIowa Falls, Iowa  
 Thomas LittleNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Frank SwaffordWest Virginia WeslyanBuckhannon, WV  
2012Michael PattersonLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA  
 John SheltonNorthwestern State UniversityNatchitoches, LA  
 Jarvis JacksonUniversity of Arkansas - Pine BluffPinebluff, AR  
 DeAnthony JacksonEllsworth Community CollegeIowa Falls, Iowa  
2013Brandon HargroveEllsworth Community CollegeIowa Falls, Iowa  
 LaRoderick EvansTrinity Valley Community CollegeAthens, TX  
 Leroy HardwellTrinity Valley Community CollegeAthens, TX  

Arkansas – Monticello 1991 - Chad Harkins, 1997 - Gilbert Higgenbotham
Arkansas – Pine Bluff2012 - Jarvis Jackson
Brigham Young University 1982 – Jay Huckaby
Ellsworth Community College2013 - Brandon Hargrove
Georgia Tech 1961 – Don Jones
Grambling State University 1971 - John Wayne Williams, 2001 - Andrew Smith, Donald Alexander, Antwun Barnes, 2002 - John C. Jones, Jr.
Henderson-Brown 1923 – Grady Newton
Holmes Community Collge2011 - Trey Gilbert
Kilgore Jr. College 1972 – Steve Adams, 1972 – Ronnie Johnson, 1976 - Rankin Curry
Louisiana College 1923 – Robert M. Fletcher, 1948 – John William Warner, 1953 - Glen Evans, 1962, Rusty Melton, 1966 - Jerry Hightower, 2007 - Nathan Shetters, Chris Williams, 2000 - Matt Johns
Louisiana State University 1907 – Charles C. Bauer, 1907 – W. J. Hamilton, 1915 - Keith E. Jones, 1928 - Frank Brewer, 1948 - Durwood Swilley, 1979 - Ricky Chatman, Tommy Campbell, Kevin Poisso, 1980 - Jeffery Dale, 2004 - Antonio Robinson, 2012 - Michael Patterson
Louisiana Tech 1909 – Tom Huffman, 1913 – Arthur Mathis, 1919 - Harold Wood, 1926 - C. J. Gilbert, 1926 - A. W. Radescich, 1927 - J. B. Durham, 1929 - Henry Brewer, 1931 - E. Lowery, 1976 - Lyn Bankston, 1981 - Greg Powell, 1983 - Garlon Powell,1988 - Carey Broudy, 1977 - Justin Durbin, 2000 - Freddie King
McNeese State University 1971 – Alan Carter, 1972 – James Johnson, Claude Smart, 1982 - Marcel Mills, Perry Myles, 1983 - Gary Irvin, 1984 - Randy Johnson
Michigan, University of 1996 – Anthony Thomas
Mississippi, University of 1978 – Woody Grigg
Nebraska, University of 2001 – Jamayel Phillips, 2011 - Alonzo Moore
Northeast Louisiana University/ULM 1958 - Thomas Latham, 1967 – Charles Poisso, 1968 – Randy Poisso, 1973 - Tommy Dowling, 1976 - Nathan Johnson, Jimmy Husser, 1978 - Donnie Purser, 1982 - Benny Mitchell, 1994 - Brian Garrett, 1998 - Daniel Peterson, 2001 - Zan Johnson, 2007 - Tyler Pyles
Northwestern State University 1943 – John Glyn Jackson, 1945 – Buster Keaton, 1946 - Jackie Givens, 1950 - Dan Carr, 1955 - Johnny Newman, 1958 - Darrell Mayes, 1959 - Tommy Wyatt, 1961 - Carroll Long, Gerald Long, 1971 - Randy Strickland, Roy Cotton, 1973 - Allen Berlin, 1974 - Richmond Gunter, 1978 - Terry Joe Ramsey, 1984 - Roger Williams, 1995 - David Coleman, 1998 - Ryan Porter, 2011 - Thomas Little, 2012 - John Shelton
Oregon, University of 1930 – Roy Morgan
Ouachita 1919 – Jim Hatcher
Southern Arkansas 2001 – Seth Howell, 2003 – Jarvis Edwards, 2004 - Kevin Ashley, Cartez Brown
Southern College 1924 – Herbert Wasson
Southern University 2000 - Chuck Ball
Texas, University of 1972 – Lionel Johnson
Trinity College 1966 – Ronald Brazzell, 1966 – Charlie Dawson
Trinity Valley Community College2013 - LaRoderick Evans, 2013 - Leroy Hardwell
University of Southwestern Louisiana/ULL 1961 – Mike Tinnerello, 1961 – Wayne McFarland, 1971 - Jerry Keen, 1972 - Reynard Hamilton, 1983 - Thomas King, 1993 - Ryan Poisso, 1995 - David Gaar, 2002 - Jake Junkin
Vanderbilt 1924 – Benny Parker
West Point 1969 – Robbie Richards
West Virginia Weslyan2011 - Frank Swafford