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This file is an attempt to get a season-by-season perspective on which players were on the field.  This information was gained from  newspaper articles. Often at the start of a season, or at some point during the season, a newspaper article would list the starting lineup.  This was particularly true in articles printed before 1950.  
There are many problems in determining starters and key reserves. 
1.) players often play multiple positions on the field and I want to try to include all of the positions a player regularly played.  What I am wanting to know which players were considered starters and which players got a lot of playing time at a particular position.  I am not trying to make a list of EVERY PLAYER who got into ANY game at any point. There are players who rotated in with the first team or who took over for an injured starter for a game or for several games.  I want to include those people as starters.  The most difficult players to assign to a position are those players who lettered, but they lettered because they were primarily a special team player. If a player lettered, I still want to include them at a regular position.
3.) I have a section in the file below called "unknown". This means that a player was listed as a letterman and I can't determine which position they played on the field. I want to know where they played?
4.) there are big gaps of information in the speciality positions, such as punter, return man, kicker.  Who filled these positions?
In the list below I have bolded the names of players listed as a starter and have left un-bolded those players who got some to considerable playing time at a certain position. This is the file that has been the most difficult to research.  I welcome and encourage input from anyone on this file as I know it is very incomplete.  I know I am relying on collective memories of people.  If you know the name of a person who played a position and I don't have that name listed contact me.  ALSO, if I have the name of a player listed at the wrong position contact me.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide in completing this file.

1909 1917 1918 1919
QB Manley Culpepper Alex Hunt Otho Long Otho Long
Back Aubrey Orr Bill Heard Bill Heard Kenneth Watts
Miley Durham Hugh Hatcher Victor Matthews Lawrence Gates
Sam Nettles Otho Long Jim Hatcher Jim Hatcher
End Tom Huffman Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson Victor Matthews
Morell Milburn Darcy A. P. Smith A. P. Smith
Center Clayton Wasson Herman Heflin Harold Wood Harold Wood
Guard T. A. McKinney Hines Peters R. D. Bevill Henry Elliot
Bruce Smith Truett Durham Otto White
Tackle B. B. McKinney Lee Grigsby Truett Durham Truett Durham
Shady Colvin Percell Wallace Gordon "Red" Dickerson Gordon "Red" Dickerson
1920 1921 1922 1923 1924
QB Otho Long Otho Long Robert Fletcher
Back Jim Fletcher Jim Fletcher Bennie Parker Bennie Parker A. T. Drewett
Lawrence Gates Lawrence Gates Leo Sowers Herman Heflin
Tom Grigsby Tom Grigsby
End Clyde McDonald Clyde McDonald Percy Custer C. J. Gilbert
Carl Ferguson Carl Ferguson Royce Holcomb
Center Harold Wood Lionel Boone Lionel Boone Lionel Boone Calvin Drewett
Guard Grady Newton Grady Newton
Otto White Otto White John Sowers
Tackle Ardis Jackson Artis Jackson Herbert Wasson Herbert Wasson
Gordon "Red" Dickerson Gordon "Red" Dickerson McBride Wasson
1925 1926 1927 1928 1929
QB Arnett Garriss Gabe Durham Gabe Durham Gabe Durham Byron "Chuck" Skains
John Wood Arnett Garris
Back A. T. Drewett A. T. Drewett A. T. Drewett Pete Fuller Willie Reid
C. J. Gilbert Bill Gimber Bill Gimber Frank Brewer William Machen
Herman Heflin Percy Dortch Percy Dortch Tot Hyde Dudley Shell
Kenneth Teegarden Tot Hyde Arnett Garris Henry Brewer Roy Morgan
Cyril Bethea Arnett Garris Frank Brewer Ben Bevill Teal Calhoun
Jack Drewett Will Radescich Tot Hyde Elmon Fletcher
J. B. Durham Jack Gilstrap Jack Gilstrap Percy Dortch
Irby Meredith James Gimber Teal Calhoun
End Clinton Boyett C. J. Gilbert James Price James Price James Price
Henry Brewer Kenneth Teegarden Alton Pope Alton Pope Henry Brewer
Kenneth Teegarden Garfield "Hap" Gimber Kenneth Teegarden Kenneth Teegarden
White John Wood Orville Dickerson Henry Brewer
Irby Meredith Charles Long
Center Garfield "Hap" Gimber Cedric Dickerson Garfield "Hap" Gimber Garfield "Hap" Gimber Cornelius Martin
Orville Dickerson Julius Anderson Cornelius Martin
Clyde Taylor
Guard Gorham Byron "Chuck" Skains Byron "Chuck" Skains Ed Grigsby Ed Grigsby
Robert Mathews Albert McMurray Julius Anderson Roy Morgan Frank Cox
Clabe Maxey Garfield "Hap" Gimber Clabe Maxey Clabe Maxey Joe Grigsby
Albert McMurray Will Radescich Irby Meredith
Will Radescich Clyde Swanson
James Price
Veek Skains
Tackle Robert Matthews Julius Anderson Roy Morgan Byron "Chuck" Skains Roy Morgan
Clyde Swanson Roy Morgan John Sowers Huborn Boyett Huborn Boyett
Albert McMurray Veek Skains Byron "Chuck" Skains Bill Machen Bill Machen
Clabe Maxey Clabe Maxey Clyde Taylor Gordy Beville Cody Beville
Robert Turner
1930 1931 1932 1933 1934
QB Dudley Shell Richie Powers Kidd Farr Joe Beville Joe Beville
J. D. Wood Miley Walsworth
Back Hovey Harrell Hovey Harrell Hovey Harrell Hovey Harrell Joe Beville
Homer McMurray Willie Reid Frank Brewer J. D. Wood Kidd Farr
Robert Turner Joe Grigsby Earl Power Miley Walsworth Miley Walsworth
Kenny Shepherd Wayne Bethea Joe Beville Joe Grigsby Ford Powers
Jack Sowers J. D. Wood Curtis Varnell Lee Wood Mayo Faith
J. D. Wood Jack Sowers J. D. Wood Kidd Farr Atwood Davis
Bobby Byrnes Lee Woods Bobby Byrnes James Faith
Hightower Douglas Walsworth
Hugh Barton
End Murray Woodyard Kidd Farr S. A. Ward Jack Noah Jack Noah
Travis Hicks Richard Walsh Earl Power Atwood Davis Henry Baker
Herman Bass Earl Powers Turner Millard Machen David Harper
Charles Haynie Jack Sowers Jack Noah Atwood Davis
Arnold Smith Mayo Faith
Center John Brewer Arnold Smith Billie Howard Kidd Farr Bryant Allen
Arnold Smith Billie Howard J. T. Sullivan J. D. Wood Jack Wallace
Charlie Smith George Stokes
Guard Curtis Varnell Curtis Varnell Curtis Varnell Curtis Varnell Boddie Baker
Richie Power Clyde McCloud Clyde McCleod J. D. "Farmer" Jones J. D. "Farmer" Jones
Richard Walsh Richard Walsh Stanley Martin Sellenger Walsh Curtis Varnell
Earl Powers Lynwood Mixon Joe Walsh
Harold Dillard Henderson Parker
Frank Shaw
Tackle Cody Beville Harold Dillard Harold Dillard Aaron Willis Winfred Blair
Travis Hicks S. A. Ward Sellenger Walsh Sellenger Walsh David McIlwain
Harold Lowery Arnold Smith Atwood Davis S. A. Ward Lyndon Allen
Earl Powers John Brewer Henry Baker Boddie Baker
Elmer Johnson
Lucas Ashcroft
S. A. Ward
1935 1936 1937 1938 1939
QB Douglas Walsworth Hugh Barton F. M. Hagler Don Dark Don Dark
Mayo Faith Virgil Boyette Billie Flournoy Al Barton
Ray Jenkins Hubert McMahon Harold Debray Harding Broussard
David Harper
Back Miley Walsworth David Harper Hasty Killen F. M. Hagler F. M. Hagler
John Tucker James Skains Harding Broussard Harding Broussard Harding Broussard
Mayo Faith Ray Jenkins Winfred Blair Elton Gladys Arie Hughes
James Skains Arville Boyett O. B. "Nookie" Skains Pete Kelly Clifford Hughes
Leo McCoy Mayo Faith Arville Boyett Emile Tinnerello Aaron Melton
Ford Powers Hugh Barton James Skains Weaver Matt Milam
Arville Boyett F. M. Hagler Ben Killen Vernon Hyde Ernest Melton
Ray Jenkins Hubert McMahon Coody Billie Flournoy
Jack Thornton F. M. Hagler Don Dark
Hugh Barton Carey Welch
Bobbie Joe King
End Henry Baker Henry Baker Ben Killen Aaron Melton Harlan Wilkerson
David Harper John Davis Pete Kelly L. M. Ferrell Rufus Wilkerson
John Davis Ben Killen Donald Boyette Ernest Melton Carey Welch
Leon Cantwell Douglas Haynes James Thomas Carey Welch Aaron Melton
Wesley Hicks Shellie Simms Harold DeWalley John Creel Al Barton
Willard McDaniel Houston Cockerham
Glyn Wilkerson
Center Bryant Allen Hasty Killen Denton Shell Donald Boyett L. M. Ferrell
Joe Walsh Denton Shell Bill Nugent
Donald Maxwell
Guard Winfred Blair Winfred Blair Clarence Bright Theron Lovell Kersh Parker
J. D. "Farmer" Jones Bill Henderson Bill Henderson Eddie Powell Billie Flournoy
Joe Walsh Henderson Parker J. F. Lovell Carter Donald Temple
Clifford Frye Douglas Haynes Louis DeBusk Kersh Parker John Poisso
George Stokes James Thomas Rudolph Muse
Donald Boyette
Tackle David McIlwain David McIlwain Winfred Blair Ernest Melton
George Stokes George Stokes Willard McDaniel Heflin Nugent Bill Nugent
Bill Henderson John Davis J. F. Lovell Bunk Sheppard Cortez Creel
Willard McDaniel Willard McDaniel Hasty Killen Paul Jones Reece Carroway
J. F. Lovell J. F. Lovell Theron Lovell Theron Lovell Howard Porter
Winfred Blair Amos Armond Paul Jones
Bill Henderson Cortez Creel Stanley Dean
Willard McDaniel Willard McDaniel
Kicker Joe Walsh David McIlwain Clifford Hughes
George Stokes Harding Broussard

1940 1941 1942 1943 1944
QB Clifford Hughes Roger Smith Roger Smith Billy Jones Tracy Lee Harrel
Bobby Joe King Clifford Hughes Leonard Horton John Glyn Jackson Jack Gorham
Howard Porter Bobby Dennis
Back Jack Lee Jack Lee Morgan Carraway John Glyn Jackson Jimmie Rainwater
Clifford Hughes Clifford Hughes Edward Parker Edward Parker Cecil Berry 
Howard Porter Edward Parker Bobby Dennis Albert George Bill Glenn
Arie Hughes Bobby Joe King John Glyn Jackson Lawrence Donohoe Ralph Sanders
Bobby Joe King Bobby Dennis Leonard Horton John Stroud
Red Clements John Glyn Jackson Lawrence Donohoe Jackie Givens
Roger Smith Lehron Rainwater Eugene Temple
Hollie McDade Hollie McDade Terry Hughes
Bobby Dennis Morgan Carroway Tracy Lee Harrel
John Hubbard John Hubbard
John Peters Eugene Muckey
End Rufus Wilkerson Truman Harper Joseph Hodge Robert Edgington Hal Earle
Harlan Wilkerson Joseph Hodge A. F. Singletary Jack Gorham Jack Gorham
Felix Mercer Bobbie Joe King Truman Harper Merle Henderson Max Curry
Joseph Hodge Felix Mercer Robert Edgington Elton Long
A. F. Singletary Edward Parker Edward Parker Melvin Berry
Jack Luzader
Orland Swilley
A. F. Singletary
Center L. M. Ferrell Harry Gammill A. L. Sikes Buster Keaton C. C. Carter
Red Clements A. L. Sikes J. C. Mixon Joe Emerson
A. F. Singletary J. C. Mixon Buster Keaton
Harry Gammill
Guard Kersh Parker Dan Page Dan Page C. C. Carter H. C. Morehead
John Poisso J. W. Kennedy J. W. Kennedy Ray Shetley Joe Emerson
Bill Nugent Billy Dickerson Billy Jones Billy Jones Hunter Edgington
Billy Dickerson James Poole Don Walsh C. C. Carter
Red Clements Hoyte Parker Ray Shetley Dick Watts
Rudolph Muse Don Walsh Hoy Neal James Sikes
Dan Page Ray Shetley John Melton Buster Keaton
Howard Porter John Poisso
W. F. DeBuck Garland Gorham
Tackle Reece Carroway John Melton John Melton A. L. Sikes Buster Keaton
Donald Temple J. W. Kennedy Albert George Merle Henderson Clarence Jenkins
Howard Porter Billy Dickerson Garland Gorham Albert George Richard Moon
Eugene Muckey Hoy Neal Billy Drewett Bobby Barnes
James Poole Merle Henderson Ot Gorham
Robert Gimber John Glynn Jackson
Lehron Rainwater
Return Edward Parker Edward Parker
Kicker Clifford Hughes Bobby Dennis Bobby Dennis John Glynn Jackson
Jack Lee Roger Smith
1945 1946 1947 1948 1949
QB Tracy Lee Harrel Tracy Lee Harrel Sherman Roberts John William Warner James Melton
Ralph Sanders Sherman Roberts Ardis Sikes Bobby Bass
Sherman Roberts Jackie Givens
Back Ralph Sanders Ralph Sanders Vernon Ford Charles Stone Henry Thomas
Jimmie Rainwater Jackie Givens Vernon McDonald Vernon McDonald Bobby Bass
Jackie Givens Eugene Temple John William Warner Bobby Bass Dan Carr
Eugene Temple Vernon Ford Charles DeBusk Dan Carr Charles Tomlinson
H. C. Morehead H. C. Morehead Red Holloman Ardis Sikes Ed Roberts
Vernon McDonald Thomas Dean Ed Roberts Gerald Carter
Billy Simmons Bobby Bass Charles Tomlinson Oliver Smart
Tracy Lee Harrel John William Warner
Oliver Smart
End Elton Long Elton Long Elton Long Waymon Swilley Ben Singletary
Joe Emerson Fred Golson Waymon Swilley Charles Eyer Charles Eyer
Jack Gorham Jack Gorham Henry Thomas Frank King Frank King
Carville Prince Charles DeBusk Hal Melkild Ben Singletary Jerry Melton
Bill Christiansen Max Mercer
James Melton Ed Roberts
Ellard Brantley
Center Buster Keaton C. C. Carter Billy Boyette Sam Emerson Sam Emerson
Billy Boyette Jimmy Dickerson Gerald Page William Cockerham
Charles Bounds
Guard C. C. Carter Curtis Rozelle Curtis Rozelle James Chandler James Chandler
James Sikes James Sikes Jack Myrick Harold Tarver Harold Tarver
Curtis Rozelle Gerald Neal Robert Nugent Jack Myrick Allen Massey
H. C. Morehead Jack Myrick Bullard Jones James Melton Bobby Dickerson
A. L. Sikes H. C. Morehead
Robert Nugent
Tackle Vernon Lawrence Percy Roberts Percy Roberts Ellard Brantley Ellard Brantley
Bobby Barnes Warren Hendrix Ellard Brantley Durwood Swilley Oliver Smart
Douglas DeLoach Douglas DeLoach Durwood Swilley Gerald Page Bobby Gassiot
Percy Roberts Bobby Barnes Gerald Page Sam Rosier Gene W. Porter
Billy Boyette Bobby Henderson Sam Rosier Miles Hambleton
Ellard Brantley Gene W. Porter
Earl Nugent
Return  Jackie Givens Jackie Givens Sherman Roberts Vernon McDonald Dan Carr
Bobby Bass
Kicker C. C. Carter C. C. Carter Durwood Swilley Durwood Swilley Ed Roberts
Eugene Temple Charles Eyer
1950 1951 1952 1953 1954
QB Dan Carr Bobby Kornegay Conrad Swilley Jimmy Terrill Hershel Machen
Conrad Swilley Jimmy Terrill Jimmy Terrill Hershel Machen Charlie Bice
Back Bobby Bass Thomas Straughan Thomas Straughan A. B. White Joe Vines
Ed Roberts Billy Boyett Bobby Gates Charles Varnell Brooks Broussard
Conrad Swilley Jimmy Richardson Robert Boyett Jerry Drewett Jim Ross
Charles Tomlinson Robert Boyett Jimmy Richardson Jim Ross Sam Ford
Billy Boyett Conrad Swilley Dale Reeves James Sullivan
Dan Carr Tommy Seabaugh
Robert Boyett John Harrington
Jimmy Richardson
Larry Kennedy
End Ben Singletary Gene S. Porter Billy Gorham Troy Smith Herbert Garrard
Frank King Max Mercer Bobby Kelly John Echols Mickey Frazier
Bobby Kelly Bobby Kelly Troy Smith Herbert Garrard Don Brooks
Gene S. Porter Billy Gorham Herbert Garrard Jimmy Ross Dale Reeves
Conrad Swilley
Joe Jenkins
Center William Cockerham Bobby Rhymes Benny Smith Stanley Bass Stanley Bass
Bobby Rhymes Benny Smith Charles Varnell Bill Brian
Guard James Chandler Russell Sullivan Jack Parker Bennie Simmons Jake  Williams
Allen Massey Jack Parker Glen Evans John Creel John Creel
Bobby Dickerson Glen Evans Russell Sullivan Glen Evans Clyde McLeod
Russell Sullivan Bennie Simmons Pete Cole Jimmy Clark
Jack Parker Pete Cole Bill Brian
Thomas Martin
Tackle Miles Hambleton Miles Hambleton Miles Hambleton Glen Evans Johnny Newman
Bobby Gassiot Charles Townsend Charles Townsend Jimmy Anyan Troy Mixon
Charles Townsend James Hall Emerson Jimmy Anyan Troy Mixon Truett Holcomb
Jimmy Anyan Clyde McLeod Jake Williams
Johnny Newman
Return  Dan Carr Hershal Machen
Billy Boyett
Kicker Conrad Swilley Conrad Swilley Conrad Swilley Jimmy Terrill
Dan Carr Jimmy Richardson Jimmy Richardson
1955 1956 1957 1958 1959
QB Brooks Broussard John Harrington John Harrington Charles Hammons Mike Tinnerello
John Harrington Charles Hammons Donald Nicklas
Back Dale Reeves Thomas Latham Dick DeBusk Howard Allbritton Gerald Bryant
Tommy Seabaugh Brooks Broussard Thomas Latham Thomas Latham Benny Canerday
Mickey Frazier Mickey Frazier Conley Adams Conley Adams James Lloyd Collins
Bill Long Dick DeBusk Howard Allbritton Jimmy Berry Rusty Melton
Frank Echols Tom DeBusk Leonard Melton Johnny Wroten Mack Martin
Woodrow Waggoner Larry Rice Jerald Sanders Rusty Melton Jimmy Bolton
Weldon Gordon Mack Martin Johnny Wroten
Clyde Harper Gerald Bryant Jimmy Berry
Billy Barton
Bernard Fletcher
End Stanley Bass Sam Bird Lyle Wayne Thompson Tommy Wyatt Jerry Burch
Sam Bird Larry Gorham Tommy Wyatt Shelton Collins Tommy Wyatt
John Harrington Lyle Wayne Thompson Lee E. Carter Jerry Burch David Adams
Frank Echols Shelton Collins Jimmy Berry Willie Carter
Larry Gorham John T. Porter Charles Austin
James Machen
Center Rayford Nix Truett Holcomb Dan Ross Marshall Hough Bobby Brazzell
Bill Brian Johnnie Smith Marshall Hough Carroll Long Carroll Long
Johnnie Smith Keith Wright
Harold Worsham
Guard Jake  Williams Darrell Mayes Darrell Mayes Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor
John Creel Bill Long Bill Long Ray Zimmerman Don Jones
Truett Holcomb Sam Ford Lyndell Stanfill Charles Griffin Gerald Long
Thomas Martin Arthur Chandler Don Jones Jimmy Brazzell
Aubrey McCartney Charles Griffen
Harry DeBusk
Tackle Johnny Newman Sam Ford Larry Price Darrell Mayes Wayne McFarland
Jimmy Clark Jake Williams Jake Williams George Gilcrease Perry Joe Smith
Jake Williams Shelby Conner Russell Taylor Wayne McFarland Kelly Strickland
Glyn Mixon C. A. McCartney Kelly Peterson
Donald Nugent Butch Lowery
Return  John Harrington
Kicker John Harrington John Harrington John Harrington Howard Allbritton
Bill Long
UNKNOWN Weldon Gordon
James Howell

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964
QB Mike Tinnerello Mike Tinnerello Bob White Bob White Bob White
Don Nicklas Cully Warren Cully Warren Cully Warren Steve Heard
Back Gerald Bryant Harley Gordon Harley Gordon Harley Gordon Charlie Dawson
Benny Canerday Ronnie Parker Ronnie Parker Tommy Gandy Tommy Gandy
James Lloyd Collins James Lloyd Collins Jerry Price Jerry Price Dale Ladd
Jimmy Bolton Jimmy Bolton Jimmy Bolton Jacque Derr
Rusty Melton Rusty Melton Ralph Riley Ralph Riley Mike Cockerham
Mack Martin Mack Martin Jim Duncan Jim Duncan Jim Duncan
Bob Wyatt Bob Wyatt Bob Wyatt
Jerry Price James Wallace James Wallace James Wallace
Dale Ladd
End David Adams Kenny White Kenny White Kenny White
Willie Carter David Adams Kenneth Tarver Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan
Charles Austin Ronald Skains Ronald Skains
Billy Barton Billy Barton Bill Read
Jimmy Berry
Center Bobby Brazzell Otis Peterson
Carroll Long Carroll Long Mike Milam Mike Milam Mike Milam
Guard Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor Vernon Blair Vernon Blair Tommy Milam
Don Jones Don Jones Bob Taylor Bob Taylor Danny Erskins
Jimmy Brazzell Eddie McManus Eddie McManus
Joe Spence
Tackle Wayne McFarland Wayne McFarland Jimmy Gibson
Perry Joe Smith Tom Trawick Tom Trawick Tom Trawick Rusty Russell
Rodney Lenard Rodney Lenard Rodney Lenard Eddie McManus Hovey Harrell
Butch Lowery Charles Machen Ronald Griffin
LB Gerald Long Gerald Long
Return  Mack Martin Mack Martin Bob Wyatt Harley Gordon
Dale Ladd
Punter Mike Tinnerello Mike Tinnerello
Kicker Carroll Long Carroll Long James Wallace James Wallace James Wallace
UNKNOWN Harry DeBusk Don Garrett Glen Sullivan Derrell Peddy
Richard Evans Larry Crain
Eugene Edmonds Mike Kennedy
Jim Warren
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969
QB Ricky Jordan Ricky Jordan Tommy Tinnerello Mack Fowler Alan Carter
Steve Heard Robbie Richards Robbie Richards
Gary Green Gary Green Gary Green
RB Charlie Dawson Charlie Dawson Mack Fowler Terry Skains Terry Skains
Tommy Gandy Glenn Stewart Glenn Stewart Glenn Stewart Jerry Keen
Jerry Hightower Jerry Hightower David Caskey David Caskey
Ronald Brazzell Ronald Brazzell Jimmy Dale Zimmerman Robbie Richards Robbie Richards
Mike Cockerham Tommy Tinnerello Tommy Tinnerello Tommy Tinnerello Husher Calhoun
Ralph Roberts Wayne Wood James Waters Lonell Sherman
Woody Brazzell Woody Brazzell Randy Poisso Randy Poisso Lynn Lasyone
Cecil Etheridge Cecil Etheridge
End Wayne Wood Wayne Wood Doug Allen Doug Allen James Waters
Houston Ethridge Dale Stewart David Procell Monty Jarnigan Monty Jarnigan
Mike Spangler Mike Spangler Mike Spangler Frederick Cotton Jerry Dubois
Mike Kelly Ronald Howard Ronald Howard Greg Wagoner
Center Mike Kennedy Charles Poisso Charles Poisso
James Lowery Ricky Hanna Ricky Hanna Ricky Hanna
Guard Danny Erskins Hershal Long Hershal Long Hershal Long Roger Long
Byron Powell Layton Long Ralph Roberts Earle Wright Earle Wright
Larry Gibson Larry Gibson Brett Flournoy Brett Flournoy
David Vines
Charles Eagles
Tackle Lawrence White William Jones William Jones Joe Stewart Joe Stewart
Steve Stroud Steve Stroud David Scott David Scott
Ronald Griffin Ronald Griffin Danny Tullos Charles Eagles Mike Sullivan
Hovey Harrell Mike Kennedy Frederick Cotton Roland Barton
Def. End Mike Spangler Mike Spangler Mike Parker Charles Cockerham
Keith Rigdon Ronald Howard Daniel Scott Randy Strickland
Doug Allen Monte Jarnigan
Def. Line Jimmy Thomas Jimmy Thomas Earle Wright Earle Wright
Danny Tullos Danny Tullos Frederick Cotton
Hershal Long William Jones Hershal Long
Larry Gibson Larry Gibson Roger Long Roland Barton
Charles Eagles Charles Eagles Charles Eagles Daniel Scott
Steve Stroud Steve Stroud David Scott David Scott
Linebackers Charles Poisso Charles Poisso Tommy Tinnerello
Glenn Stewart Glenn Stewart Glenn Stewart
Charlie Dawson Ricky Hanna Ricky Hanna Ricky Hanna
Ralph Roberts Ralph Roberts Brett Flournoy Brett Flournoy
David Vines
Def. Back Robbie Richards Robbie Richards Robbie Richards Jerry Dubois
Jimmy Dale Zimmerman Jimmy Dale Zimmerman Mack Fowler Lonell Sherman
Tommy Tinnerello Tommy Tinnerello Tommy Tinnerello Husher Calhoun
Jerry Hightower Bobby Gates Terry Skains Terry Skains
Dale Stewart Keith Rigdon Monte Jarnigan Monte Jarnigan
Ricky Jordan Wayne Wood James Waters
Randy Poisso Randy Poisso Randy Poisso
Return  Ricky Jordan Wayne Wood Randy Poisso James Waters
Punter Robbie Richards
Kicker Steve Stroud Steve Stroud Steve Stroud Roger Long Roger Long
UNKNOWN Rob Thompson Adrian Clinton John Caldwell
Lamar Skains Earl Denning

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974
QB Steve Adams Steve Adams Steve Adams Richmond Gunter Lyn Bankston
Alan Carter Alan Carter
RB John Wayne Williams John Wayne Williams Reynard Hamilton Freddie King Freddie King
Jerry Keen Jerry Keen Mike Lewis Darrell Turner Nathan Johnson
David Caskey Jimmy Price Pat Hemphill Gary Jones Darrell Turner
George Tannehill Lynn Lasyone Roosevelt Robinson Ronnie Crayton Marcus Jones
Lynn Lasyone Randy Parker Darrell Turner Cody Cummings
Randy Parker Reynard Hamilton Gary Jones
Husher Calhoun Freddie King
End Greg Wagoner Greg Wagoner Glen Anderson Glen Anderson Randy Hemperly
John C. Jones John C. Jones Ronnie Crayton Allen Berlin Keith King
James Hutchins Alan Carter Henry Jones Mike Kimble Mike Kimble
Jerry Dubois Graham Stewart Henry Jones Henry Jones
Doug Hemphill
Center Eddie Jenkins Eddie Jenkins Matt Milam Matt Milam Steve Jones
Randy Strickland Charles Williams Paul Harlan
Guard Paul Larson Paul Larson Hal Hickey Hal Hickey Gerald King
Tucker Watts Tucker Watts Phil Hoggard Phil Hoggard Oberal Merchant
Charles Estay James Hutchins Scott Barnes Paul Harlan Buford Jordan
Mike Cherry Leland Wilson Keith Elliot
Tackle Randy Strickland Randy Strickland Steve Williams Steve Williams Martin Hutto
Roland Barton Hal Hickey Charles Davis Charles Davis Buster Davis
Lionell Johnson George Tannehill Howard Wilson
Def. End James Hutchins James Hutchins Tommy Dowling Tommy Dowling Gerald King
Roy Cotton Roy Cotton Wilson Curry Al Long Greg Fullerton
Husher Calhoun Donny Hutchins Rankin Curry
Def. Line Leonard Jones Leonard Jones Tony Lewis Martin Hutto Martin Hutto
Julius Craft James Johnson James Johnson Roosevelt Robinson Tommy Chatman
Johnny Barton Willie Coleman Buford Jordan Mike Shows
Randy Strickland Paul Harlan Gerald King
Bruce Sheppard
Linebackers Lionell Johnson Lionell Johnson Lionell Johnson Buster Davis  Mike Kelly
Lynn Lasyone Lynn Lasyone Claude Smart Pat Hemphill Buford Jordan
Roland Barton Randy Strickland Pat Hemphill Buster Davis
Claude Smart
Def. Back Alan Carter Alan Carter Charles Oliver Charles Oliver Danny Parker
John Wayne Williams John Wayne Williams Ronnie Johnson Henry Jones Henry Jones
John C. Jones John C. Jones Mickey Brewton Marcus Jones Marcus Jones
Steve Adams Jerry Keen Rex Keiffer Mark Shelton Richmond Gunter
Bill Stewart Randy Parker Gary Jones Gary Gresham Darrell Turner
Craig Rice Bill Stewart Philip Whitehead
Mickey Brewton Randy Brewton
Return  John Wayne Williams John Wayne Williams Charles Oliver Charles Oliver Nathan Johnson
Alan Carter Ronnie Crayton Henry Jones
Mike Lewis Marcus Jones
Ronnie Johnson
Punter Steve Adams Steve Adams Steve Adams Bill Rowell Richmond Gunter
Kicker Jerry Keen Jerry Keen Bill Rowell Bill Rowell Lyn Bankston
UNKNOWN Buddy Lewis Billy Ver Hoef Richmond Gunter Mike Shows
David Cotton Cody Cummings Gerald King
Donnie Wells
1975 1976 1977 1978 1979
QB Lyn Bankston Lyn Bankston Terry Joe Ramsey Brent Hubbard Greg Powell
Steve Barnes Mickey Zimmerman Brent Hubbard Mike Crawford Mike Crawford
Terry Joe Ramsey Dexter Holden Jeffery Dale
Mike Crawford
RB Freddie King Nathan Johnson Dexter Holden Ricky Chatman Ricky Chatman
Nathan Johnson Lester Mills Ricky Chatman Jeffery Dale Jeffery Dale
Travis Luther Jimmy Husser Stafford Moses Kenny Crayton Kevin Poisso
Dennis Brown Dennis Brown Garry Powell Tim Jordan Earl Funches
Marcus Jones Randy Husser Garry Powell Terry Magee
Jeffery Dale Tony Wilson Greg Lewis
Lester Mills Kevin Poisso Kevin Wagoner
Willie Green Stafford Moses
Greg Lewis
Earl Funches
Artie Horn
End Keith King Gregg Batts Terry Joe Ramsey Terry Joe Ramsey Kevin Wagoner
Mike Kimble Dexter Holden Kevin Wagoner Kevin Wagoner Bobby Huey
Gregg Batts Mickey Zimmerman Brent Hubbard Kevin Poisso Teal Dick
Ragan Stewart Dennis Brown Lorenzo Lewis Woody Grigg Perry Rainwater
Willie Green Terry Holden Perry Rainwater Chuck Jurek
Lamar Pittman Randy Husser Tim Jordan
Otis Jackson Dale Cook
Arthur Bell Bobby Huey
Center Buford Jordan Rankin Curry Mark Swilley Tommy Campbell Robert Rhymes
Frankie Shelton Woody Grigg Mike Chandler Tommy Campbell
Todd Williams Joey Ates
Joey Ates
Guard Steve Jones Ragan Stewart Donnie Purser Donnie Purser Tim Jordan
Ricky Gray Steve Barnes Terry Mixon Terry Mixon Mark Hennigan
Todd Roberts Joey Ates Joey Ates
Kevin Poisso Charlie Holden
Tackle Bruce Shepherd Bruce Shepard John Tice Mark Swilley Chip Little
Howard Wilson Frankie Shelton Donnie Purser Robert Rhymes Bob Barton
Donnie Purser Woody Grigg
Tommy Campbell
Mike Kennedy
Def. End Steve Jones George Moss Jeff Anderson Kevin Poisso Earl Funches
Rankin Curry Buck Carter Lorenzo Lewis Perry Rainwater Perry Rainwater
Keith King Lester Mills Kevin Poisso Craig Cummings Kevin Poisso
Dennis Brown Steve Barnes Terry Holden Dale Cook
Ricky Gray Oberal Barnes Mark Hanson Tony Wilson
Buck Carter Willie Green
Def. Line Rankin Curry Karl King Tommy Campbell Tommy Campbell Tommy Campbell
Tommy Chatman Bruce Sheppard Todd Williams Woody Grigg Tim Jordan
Tony Warren Frankie Shelton Woody Grigg Donnie Purser Chip Little
Carl Bruce Gregg Batts Donnie Purser Robert Rhymes Craig Cummings
Bruce Sheppard Rankin Curry Charlie Holden Charlie Holden
Frankie Shelton John Tice Tai Fanene
Mike Kennedy
Linebackers Oberal Merchant Oberal Barnes Ricky Chatman Ricky Chatman Greg Lewis
Buford Jordan Ricky Chatman Gerald Hamm Charlie Holden Ricky Chatman
Travis Luther Kevin Poisso
Def. Back Mickey Zimmerman Mickey Zimmerman Garry Powell Mike McFarland Jeffery Dale
Greg Batts Nathan Johnson Brent Hubbard Tim Jordan Bobby Huey
Marcus Jones Willie Green Stafford Moses Artie Horn Teal Dick
Danny Parker Dennis Brown Randy Husser Stafford Moses Kevin Wagoner
Al Harrel Lester Mills Jeffery Dale Kenny Crayton Artie Horn
Lyn Bankston Lamar Pittman Craig Cummings Garry Powell
Kennan Anderson Buck Carter Dexter Holden Jeffery Dale
Freddie King Al Harrel Lester Mills Terry Joe Ramsey
Randy Brewton Willie Green Tony Wilson
Willie Green Kevin Wagoner
Return  Dennis Brown Kenny Crayton Jeffery Dale
Nathan Johnson