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"The whole is greater than the individual parts." 
This list is all about the combination of players on one unit making that unit effective.  One dominating player does not necessarily make the unit dominating; although admittedly one dominating player can make up for supposed weaknesses around him.  Conversely, there are times when the right combination of good, though not great, players make a unit effective.
As with some other lists on this site this list is subjective, missing information and begs debate and discussion.  So help me to fill in the missing gaps.

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1919 Otho Long Kenneth Watts Lawrence Gates Jim Hatcher
1927 Gabe Durham A. T. Drewitt Percy Dortch Frank Brewer
1928 Gabe Durham Teal Calhoun Percy Dortch Frank Brewer
1942 Roger Smith Eddie Parker John Glyn Jackson Bobby Dennis
1948 John Warner Vernon McDonald Charles Stone Bobby Bass/Dan Carr
1951 Bobby Kornegay Thomas Straughan Conrad Swilley Billy Boyett
1954 Hershel Machen Jim Ross Joe Vines James Sullivan
1955 Brooks Broussard Dale Reeves Tommy Seabaugh Mickey Frazier
1956 John Harrington Brooks Broussard Mickey Frazier Thomas Latham
1961 Mike Tinnerello Jimmy Bolton Rusty Melton James Lloyd Collins
1962 Cully Warren Ronnie Parker Jimmy Bolton Harley Gordon
1966 Ricky Jordan Jerry Hightower Charles Dawson Ronald Brazzell
1967 Gary Green Wayne Wood Tommy Tinnerello Glenn Stewart/Mack Fowler
1968 Mack Fowler Randy Poisso Terry Skains Robbie Richards
1971 Steve Adams Jerry Keen John Wayne Williams Randy Parker/Lynn Lasyone
1976 Lyn Bankston Nathan Johnson Lester Mills Jimmy Husser
1978 Brent Hubbard Ricky Chatman Jeffery Dale Kenny Crayton
1979 Greg Powell Ricky Chatman Jeffery Dale Kevin Poisso
1981 Greg Powell Perry Myles Garlon Powell Marcel Mills
1982 Thomas King Perry Myles Garlon Powell Marcel Mills
1983 Thomas King Garlon Powell Andrew Riggs  
1984 Tony Abron David Foster  Andrew Riggs Eddie Russell
1986 Jeff Howard Rod Todd Travis Phillips Kenny Brown
1989 Matt Machen Kareem Smith Gabe Walker Daryll Abron
1991 Stevie Ham Kareem Smith Gabe Walker E. J. Smith
1993 Rhett Hamby Anthony Nash R. C. Williams Anthony Thomas
1994 Rhett Hamby R. C. Williams Anthony Thomas Viron Smith
1995 Ryan Shirley Anthony Thomas Viron Smith  
1996 Damion Moses Anthony Thomas Viron Smith James Evans
1997 Daniel Peterson Cornelius Patterson Oshay Booker Brian Blake
1999 Michael Peterson Cornelius Patterson Zan Johnson Isaih Loucious
2001 John C. Jones Zan Johnson Isaih Loucious Keundrick Loucious
2003 Andrew Shelton Antonio Robinson Jarvis Edwards  
2004 Micah Hubbard Antonio Robinson Travion Johnson  
Year QB End End End
1926 Gabe Durham C. J. Gilbert Kenneth Teegarden Garfield Gimber
1928 Gabe Durham James Price Kenneth Teegarden Alton Pope
1948 John Warner Waymon Swilley Ben Singletary Charles Eyer
1954 Hershel Machen Herbert Garrard Don Brooks Dale Reeves
1957 John Harrington Lyle W. Thompson Lee Carter Tommy Wyatt
1959 Mike Tinnerello Tommy Wyatt Jerry Burch  David Adams
1961 Mike Tinnerello David Adams Billy Barton  
1966 Ricky Jordan Wayne Wood Ronald Howard Mike Spangler
1967 Gary Green Mike Spangler Ronald Howard Doug Allen
1971 Steve Adams Alan Carter John C. Jones Greg Wagoner
1972 Steve Adams Glen Anderson  Ronnie Crayton Allen Berlin
1976 Lyn Bankston Dexter Holden Dennis Brown Woody Grigg
1978 Brent Hubbard Terry Joe Ramsey Kevin Wagoner Earl Funches
1981 Greg Powell Benny Mitchell Sampson Collins Chester Brinson
1982 Thomas King Benny Mitchell Sampson Collins Randy Johnson
1983 Thomas King Darriel Smith Rafis Brew Raymond Durbin
1984 Tony Abron Robby Warner Rafis Brew Trey Machen
1986 Jeff Howard Eric Caldwell Corey Broudy Chris Myles
1989 Matt Machen Chad Misuraca John Michael Spangler Darius Shirley
1990 Cody Johns Franklin Smith Chuck Weaver Byron King
1993 Rhett Hamby Robert Anderson Anthony Thomas John Joseph
1994 Rhett Hamby Robert Anderson Jacque Derr Justin Durbin
1997 Daniel Peterson Freddie King Damion Moses Matthew Allen
1999 Michael Peterson Freddie King Jared Beville Prentis Scott
2000 John C. Jones Freddie King Matt Johns Clifford Magee
2003 Andrew Shelton Todd Adams Deray Wilson  

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Year Center Guard Guard Tackle Tackle
1919 Harold Wood Henry Elliot Otto White Truett Durham Red Dickerson
1926 Orville Dickerson Clyde Swanson Will Radescich Veek Skains Julius Anderson/Roy Morgan
1928 Garfield Gimber Clabe Maxey Ed Grigsby Byron Skains Huborn Boyett/Bill Machen
1933 Kidd Farr J. D. Jones Curtis Varnell S. A. Ward Sellinger Walsh/Aaron Willis
1945 Buster Keaton C. C. Carter James Sikes Vernon Lawrence Bobby Barnes/Douglas Deloach
1946 C. C. Carter Curtis Rozelle James Sikes Percy Roberts Bobby Henderson/Warren Hendrix
1948 Sam Emerson Harold Tarver James Chandler Durwood Swilley Ellard Brantley
1954 Stanley Bass John Creel Jake Williams Johnny Newman Troy Mixon
1955 Rayford Nix John Creel Truett Holcomb Johnny Newman Jimmy Clark
1957 Dan Ross Darrell Mayes Bill Long Jake Williams Larry Price/Russell Taylor
1960 Bobby Brazzell Don Jones Cecil Taylor Wayne McFarland Perry Joe Smith
1961 Carroll Long Don Jones Cecil Taylor Wayne McFarland Rodney Lenard/Charles Machen
1967 Charles Poisso Hershal Long Larry Gibson William Jones Danny Tullos
1968 Ricky Hanna Hershel Long Brett Flournoy Charles Eagles Joe Stewart
1969 Ricky Hanna Roger Long Brett Flournoy David Scott Joe Stewart
1971 Eddie Jenkins Paul Larson Tucker Watts Randy Strickland Hal Hickey/George Tannehill
1973 Matt Milam Hal Hickey Phil Hoggard Steve Williams Charles Davis
1976 Rankin Curry Reagan Stewart Steve Barnes Bruce Shepard Frankie Shelton/Donnie Purser
1978 Tommy Campbell Donnie Purser Terry Mixon Mark Swilley Robert Rhymes
1979 Tommy Campbell Tim Jordan Mark Hennigan Chip Little Bob Barton
1981 Ken Malloy Doyce Gorham Johnny Williams Andy White Jay Huckaby/Glen Nelson
1982 Todd Wold Roger Williams Steve Canerday Glen Nelson Jay Crooks
1984 Byron Curry Al Simmons Jed Martin Roger Williams Steve Shelton/Darrick Duncan
1986 Shannon Blake Michael Manthei Kirk Long Scott Canerday Ricky Williams
1991 Keith Bailey Chad Harkins Brandon Parker Ryan Poisso Trey Ethridge
1994 William Moore Brian Garrett Jeff Audirsch David Garr Decarlos Anderson
1995 Kyle Horne Wayne Griffin Eric Jones David Garr Chad Griffin
1996 Kyle Horne Wayne Griffin Eric Jones Chad Griffin Kemp Miller/Gilbert Higginbotham
1997 Ryan Porter Shawn Blair Chris Jones Gilbert Higginbotham     Jason King
2000 Ray Brown Brian Glenn Byron Shaw Seth Howell Jamayel Phillips/Brian Gaar
2001 Joey Rozelle Jamayel Phillips Byron Shaw Seth Howell Jason Pearrie/Whitney Creel

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Year End End DL DL
1967 Mike Spangler Ronald Howard Larry Gibson William Jones
1968 Mike Parker Daniel Scott Frederick Cotton  Charles Eagles
1971 Roy Cotton James Hutchins James Johnson Leonard Jones
1972 Wilson Curry Tommy Dowling James Johnson Tony Lewis
1973 Al Long Tommy Dowling Martin Hutto Roosevelt Robinson
1978 Craig Cumming Perry Rainwater Woody Grigg Donnie Purser
1979 Earl Funches Perry Rainwater Tommy Campbell Craig Cummings
1980 Marcel Mills Richard Williams Chip Little Chris Maloy
1981 Kevin Collins Richard Williams Jess Grigg Jay Huckaby
1982 Gary Irvin Johnny Williams Jess Grigg Jay Huckaby
1983 Gary Irvin Clint Turner Roy Williams Roger Williams
1985 Steve Shelton Shannon Blake Lane Parker Craig Ward
1987 Andre McGill Craig Williams Trey Machen Scott Bruce
1990 Chad Harkins Alex Golbert Alturo Olmos Rusty Roberts
1993 Shannon Womack Onnie Johnson Kendall Wooten  
1994 Derrick Craft Adam Wyatt Brandon Jones Kendall Wooten
1997 Chuck Ball Jared Reeves Cale Chandler Craig Chandler
1966 Charles Poisso Charles Dawson Glenn Stewart Ralph Roberts
1971 Lionel Johnson Randy Strickland Bill Stewart Randy Parker
1972 Lionel Johnson Claude Smart Rex Keiffer Greg Jones
1975 Oberal Merchant Buford Jordan Travis Luther  
1976 Ricky Chatman Oberal Barnes    
1978 Ricky Chatman Kevin Poisso Charlie Holden  
1979 Ricky Chatman Greg Lewis    
1981 Marcel Mills Earl Funches    
1982 Marcel Mills Kevin Collins    
1984 Randy Johnson Randy Whitley David Foster  
1993 Michael Pearrie Anthony Thomas George Bolds  
1994 Larry Demery Brock Grantadams David Coleman  
1996 Oshay Booker Decarlus Pittman Eric Jones  
1997 Oshay Booker Todd Jones Deshawn Simmons  
1998 Oshay Booker Daniel Peterson Whitney Price  
2001 Chris Yerby Terrance Wade Jim Adams  
1967 Randy Poisso Tommy Tinnerello Jimmy Zimmerman  
1968 Randy Poisso Tommy Tinnerello Robbie Richards Terry Skains
1971 Alan Carter John C. Jones John Wayne Williams  
1972 Mickey Brewton Charles Oliver Ronnie Johnson  
1976 Nathan Johnson Mickey Zimmerman Dennis Brown  
1979 Jeffery Dale Bobby Huey Teal Dick  
1980 Jeffery Dale Cedric Huey Chuck Jurek  
1981 Thomas King Perry Myles Sampson Colllins Garlon Powell
1982 Randy Johnson Sampson Collins Perry Myles  
1984 Eugene Myles Alain Jones Lonnie Davis  
1987 Carey Broudy Rod Todd Tarron Phillips Kenny Brown
1988 Carey Broudy Tolbert Triplett Chad Misuraca Marvin Walker
1989 Corek Hall Cody Johns Tolbert Triplett Jamod Sapp
1991 E. J. Smith Kasey Goff Robby Jones Leonard Walker
1992 Darryl Street Latnie Brewton Michael Peairre Leonard Walker
1993 Chase Harper Jacque Derr Robert Anderson  
1994 Decarlos Pittman Robert Anderson Viron Smith Jacque Derr
1995 Decarlos Pittman Robert Anderson Viron Smith Alonzo Moses
1997 Freddie King Laraun Mamon Chris Raybon  
1998 Freddie King Jared Reeves Josh Walker  
1999 Freddie King Andrew Smith    
2000 Freddie King Andrew Smith Antwun Barnes Donald Alexander
2001 Antwun Barnes Andrew Smith Donald Alexander Damion Harrell
2003 Matthew Kelly Jasmon Thomas Richard Williams  

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Kickers and         
Return Specialists        


Kicker Punter Return Return
1948 Durwood Swilley   Jackie Givens Bobby Bass
1950 Conrad Swilley   Dan Carr Billy Boyett
1961 Carroll Long Mike Tinnerello Mack Martin James Lloyd Collins
1966 Steve Stroud   Ricky Jordan  
1967 Steve Stroud   Wayne Wood  
1969 Roger Long Robbie Richards Jerky Waters Cebo Ethridge
1971 Jerry Keen Steve Adams John W. Williams Alan Carter
1972 Bill Rowell Steve Adams Ronnie Crayton Charles Oliver
1976 Lyn Bankston   Dexter Holden Dennis Brown
1978 Tommy Campbell/Tommy Latham Terry Joe Ramsey Kenny Crayton Terry Joe Ramsey
1979 Tommy Latham   Jeffery Dale  
1980 Tommy Latham   Jeffery Dale Benny Mitchell
1981 Tommy Latham   Sampson Collins Benny Mitchell
1982 Garlon Powell/Raymond Durbin   Benny Mitchell Garlon Powell
1987 Travis Phillips Chip Clark   Carey Broudy
1993 Anthony Thomas/Michael Pickett Michael Pearrie    
1994 Michael Pickett R. C. Williams Anthony Thomas Decarlus Pittman/Viron Smith
1997 Dustin Procell Dustin Procell    
1998 Dustin Procell Dustin Procell Freddie King  
1999 Dustin Procell   Freddie King  
2000 Matthew Shelton Mark Wright Freddie King  
2001 Matthew Shelton   Keundrick Loucious  

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