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BY YEAR (First Team in Bold)
1919Otho LongSr.1stQuarterback 
 A. P. SmithSr. 1stEnd 
 Truett DurhamJr.1stTackle 
 Harold WoodJr.2ndCenter 
 Kenneth WattsSr. 2ndBack 
 Gordon "Red" DickersonSr. 2ndTackle 
1920Truett DurhamSr.1st.Tackle 
 Harold WoodSr.1stCenter 
1922Lionel BooneSr.(HM)Center 
1923Grady NewtonJr.1st.Guard 
 Bennie ParkerSr. 2ndBack 
1924Grady NewtonSr.1stGuard 
 Herbert WassonSr. (HM)Tackle 
 Maurice McQiddySr.(HM)  
 Colen CokerSr.(HM)  
 Herman HeflinJr.(HM)Back 
 Watts (HM)  
1926Percy DortchSoph.3rdFullback 
 Orville DickersonJr.(HM)Center 
 Julius AndersonJr.(HM)Tackle 
 Veek SkainsSr. (HM)Tackle 
 Kenneth TeegardenSoph.(HM)End 
 Gabe DurhamSoph. (HM)Quarterback 
 A. T. DrewettJr.(HM)Halfback 
 Byron "Chuck" SkainsFr.(HM)Guard 
1927John SowersSr. 1stGuard 
 Garfield GimberJr.(HM)Center 
 Kenneth TeegardenJr.2ndEnd 
 Percy DortchJr.2ndFullback 
 A. T. DrewettSr.(HM)Halfback 
 Byron "Chuck" SkainsSoph.(HM)Guard 
 Frank BrewerJr.(HM)Halfback 
1928Kenneth TeegardenSr.1stEnd 
 Byron "Chuck" SkainsJr.2ndTackle 
 Frank BrewerSr.2ndFullback 
 Ed GrigsbySr. (HM)Guard 
 Clebe MaxeySr. (HM)Guard 
1933S. A. WardSr. 2ndTackle 
1940Kersh ParkerSr. (HM)Guard 
1945C. C. CarterJr.(HM)Center 
1946C. C. CarterSr.(HM)Center 
 Jackie GivensSr. (HM)Running Back 
1948Durwood SwilleySr. 1stTackle 
1949Sam EmersonSr.(HM)Center 
 Harold TarverSr. (HM)Guard 
1951Thomas StraughanJr.(HM)Back 
 Billy BoyettSr. (HM)Back 
1954Joe VinesSr.(HM)Running Back 
 James SullivanSr.(HM)Running Back 
 Troy MixonSr. (HM)Tackle 
 Stanley BassJr.(HM)Center 
1955Stanley BassSr.(HM)End 
 Tommy SeabaughSr.(HM)Back 
 John CreelSr. (HM)Guard 
 Johnny NewmanSr. (HM)Tackle 
 Jim ClarkSr. (HM)Tackle 
 Brooks BroussardJr.(HM)Quarterback 
1956Brooks BroussardSr.(HM)Back 
 Hank FordSr. (HM)Tackle 
1957Darrell MayesJr.1stGuard 
1959Tommy WyattSr. 1stEnd 
 Mike TinnerelloSoph.(HM)Quarterback 
 Wayne McFarlandSoph.(HM)Tackle 

1960Don JonesJr.1stGuard 
1961Wayne McFarlandSr.2ndTackle 
 David AdamsSr. (HM)End 
1965Hovey HarrellSr. (HM)Tackle 
1966Mike SpanglerJr.1stEnd, Def. 
1968Randy PoissoSr.1st Back, Off.AA Off. Player of the Year
 Hershal LongSr. (HM)Guard, Off. 
 Doug AllenSr. (HM)End, Off. 
 Mike ParkerSr.(HM)End, Def. 
 Charles EaglesSr.(HM)Tackle, Def. 
1969Robbie RichardsSr.1stPunter 
1971John Wayne WilliamsSr.1stBack, Off. 
 Greg WagonerSr. 1stEnd, Off. 
 James HutchinsSr.1stEnd, Def. 
 Alan CarterSr.1stBack, Def. 
 Lionel JohnsonJr.1st LinebackerAAA Def. Player of the Year
1972Lionel JohnsonSr.1stLinebacker 
 James JohnsonSr.1st Tackle, Def.AAA Def. Player of the Year
1973Hal HickeySr. 1stGuard, Off. 
 Roosevelt RobinsonSr.1stTackle, Def. 
 Charles OliverSr.1stBack, Def. 
1976Nathan JohnsonSr.1stBack, Off. 
 Dennis BrownSr.1stBack, Def. 
1978Terry Joe RamseySr. 1stEnd, Off. 
 Woody GriggSr.1stTackle, Def. 
 Ricky ChatmanJr.1st LinebackerAA Def. Player of the Year
1979Ricky ChatmanSr.1stLinebacker 
 Tim JordanSr. 1stGuard, Off. 
 Craig CummingsSr.1stGuard, Def. 
 Jeffery DaleJr.1stBack, Def. 
 Ricky ChatmanSr.(HM)Back, Off. 
 Tommy CampbellSr.(HM)Tackle, Def. 
1980Jeffery DaleSr.1stBack, Def. 
1981Ken MaloySr.1stCenter 
 Tommy LathamSr. (HM)PK  
 Greg PowellSr.(HM)Quarterback 
1982Marcel MillsSr.1stLinebacker 
1983Gary IrvinSr.1stEnd, Def. 
1984Al SimmonsJr.1stGuard, Off. 
 Roger WilliamsSr.(HM)Tackle, Def. 
1986Eric CaldwellSr. 1stEnd, Off. 
1987Chip ClarkSr.1stPunter 
1988Carey BroudySr.1stBack, Def. 
1990Corek HallSr.2ndBack, Def. 
1991Keith BaileySr.(HM)Center 
 Chad HarkinsSr.(HM)Guard, Off. 
1993Anthony NashSr.1stReturn Specialist 
1994Brian GarrettSr. 1stGuard, Off. 
 Anthony ThomasSoph.1stBack, Off. 
1995Anthony ThomasJr.1stBack, Off. 
1996Anthony ThomasSr.1stBack, Off. 
 Wayne GriffinSr. 1stGuard, Off. 
 Viron SmithSr.1stBack, Def. 
 Viron SmithSr.(HM)Return Specialist 
1997Justin DurbinSr.1stTE 
 Gilbert HiggenbothamSr. (HM)Tackle, Off. 
1998Ryan PorterSr.1stCenter 
 Freddie KingSoph.1stReturn Specialist 
1999Freddie KingJr.(HM)Back, Def. 
2000Zan JohnsonJr.1stBack, Off. 
 Freddie KingSr. 1stBack, Def.AAA Most Valuable Off. Player
 Freddie KingSr.1stReturn Specialist 
 Ray BrownSr. (HM)Guard, Off. 
2001Zan JohnsonSr.1stBack, Off. 
 Jemayel PhillipsSr. 1stGuard, Off. 
 Terrance WadeSr.(HM)Linebacker 
 Andrew SmithSr.1stBack, Def. 
 Antwun BarnesSr.(HM)Back, Def. 
2003Kevin AshleyJr.(HM)Tackle, Off. 
 Johnathan YerbySr.(HM)Linebacker 
 Andrew SheltonSr.(HM)Kicker 
 Antonio RobinsonJr.(HM)Back, Off. 
2004Antonio RobinsonSr.(HM)Back, Off. 
 Kevin AshleySr. 2ndGuard, Off. 
2007Tyler PylesSr.(HM)QB 
 Chris WilliamsSr. (HM)RB 
2008Jarvis PowellSr.1stLinebacker 
2009Kiamonte Wilson Jr. (HM) Linebacker  
2010Alonzo MooreJr. (HM) WR  
2011Alonzo Moore Sr. 1st Athlete (MVP) 
 Trey Gilbert Sr. 1st RB  
 Thomas Little Sr. 1st OT  
 Frank Swafford Sr. 1st LB  
 Jarvis Jackson Jr. 1st DB  
 Michael Patterson Jr. (HM) DE  
 Dee Williams Sr. (HM) DB  
 John Shelton Jr. (HM) PK  
2012John Shelton Sr.1stPK  
 Michael Patterson Sr.1stDE  
 Trey WilliamsSr.1stLB  
 Leroy HardwellJr.2ndDT 
 Henry RodriguezSr.2ndOG 
 DeAnthony JacksonSr.2ndRB 
2013Leroy HardwellSr. 1stDTOutstanding AA Def. Player
 Chris EllisSr. 1stLB  
 LaRoderick EvansSr.1stDB  
 Ben LaughlinJr.(HM)PK 
 Brandon HargroveSr.(HM)DT 
2014Aaron MorenoJr.1stPunter 
 Josh BartleyJr.(HM)OG 
2016Shelby CreelSr.1stPunter 

BY POSITION(Bold = 1st team)   
Quarterback1919Otho LongSr.1st
 1926Gabe DurhamSoph. (HM)
 1955Brooks BroussardJr.(HM)
 1959Mike TinnerelloSoph.(HM)
 1981Greg PowellSr.(HM)
 2007Tyler PylesSr.(HM)
Back1919Kenneth WattsSr.  2nd
 1923Bennie ParkerSr.   2nd
 1926-1927Percy DortchSoph. & Jr.3rd (Soph.) & 2nd (Jr.)
 1926-1927A. T. DrewittJr., Sr. (HM) both years
 1927-1928Frank BrewerJr., Sr.Jr. (HM), Sr. (2nd)
 1946Jackie GivensSr.   (HM)
 1951Thomas StraughanJr.(HM)
 1951Billy BoyettSr. (HM)
 1954Joe VinesSr.(HM)
 1954James SullivanSr.(HM)
 1955Tommy SeabaughSr.(HM)
 1956Brooks BroussardJr. & Sr.(HM) 
 1968Randy PoissoSr.1st (AA - MVP )
 1971John Wayne WilliamsSr.1st
 1976Nathan JohnsonSr.1st
 1979Ricky ChatmanSr.(HM)
 1994, 1995, 1996Anthony ThomasSoph., Jr. & Sr.1st
 2000-2001Zan JohnsonJr. & Sr.1st
 2003-2004Antonio RobinsonJr. & Sr.(HM) both years
 2007Chris WilliamsSr.(HM)
 2011 Trey Gilbert Sr. 1st 
 2012DeAnthony JacksonSr.2nd
Center1919-1920Harold WoodJr. & Sr.2nd (Jr.) & 1st (Sr.)
 1922Lionel BooneSr.(HM)
 1926Orville DickersonJr.(HM)
 1927Garfield GimberJr.(HM)
 1945-1946C. C. CarterJr. & Sr.(HM) both years
 1949Sam EmersonSr.(HM)
 1954-1955Stanley BassJr. & Sr.(HM) both years
 1981Ken MaloySr.1st
 1991Keith BaileySr.(HM)
 1998Ryan PorterSr.1st
Guard1923-1924Grady NewtonJr. & Sr.1st
 1927John SowersSr. 1st
 1926-1927Byron "Chuck" SkainsFr. & Soph.(HM) both years
 1928Ed GrigsbySr. (HM)
 1928Clebe MaxeySr. (HM)
 1940Kersh ParkerSr. (HM)
 1949Harold TarverSr. (HM)
 1955John CreelSr. (HM)
 1957Darrell MayesJr.1st
 1960Don JonesJr.1st
 1968Hershal LongSr. (HM)
 1973Hal HickeySr. 1st
 1979Tim JordanSr. 1st
 1984Al SimmonsJr.1st
 1994Brian GarrettSr. 1st
 2000Ray BrownSr. (HM)
 2001Jemayel PhillipsSr. 1st
 2004Kevin AshleySr. 2nd
 2012Henry RodriguezSr. 2nd
 2014Josh BartleyJr.(HM)
Tackle1919-1920Truett DurhamJr. & Sr.1st
 1919Gordon "Red" DickersonSr. 2nd
 1924Herbert WassonSr. (HM)
 1926Julius AndersonJr.(HM)
 1926Veek SkainsSr. (HM)
 1928Byron "Chuck" SkainsJr.2nd
 1933S. A. WardSr. 2nd
 1948Durwood SwilleySr. 1st
 1954Troy MixonSr. (HM)
 1955Johnny NewmanSr. (HM)
 1955Jim ClarkSr. (HM)
 1956Hank FordSr. (HM)
 1959, 1961Wayne McFarlandSoph., Sr.(HM) Soph., 2nd (Sr.)
 1965Hovey HarrellSr. (HM)
 1996Wayne GriffinSr. 1st
 1997Gilbert HiggenbothamSr. (HM)
 2003Kevin AshleyJr.(HM)
 2011 Thomas Little Sr. 1st 
End1919A. P. SmithSr. 1st
 1926, 1927, 1928Kenneth TeegardenSoph., Jr., Sr.(HM) Soph., 2nd (Jr.), 1st (Sr.)
 1959Tommy WyattSr. 1st
 1961David AdamsSr. (HM)
 1968Doug AllenSr. (HM)
 1978Terry Joe RamseySr. 1st
 1986Eric CaldwellSr. 1st
 1989John Michael SpanglerSr. (HM)
 2000Freddie KingSr. 1st (AAA MVP)
 2010 Alonzo Moore Jr. (HM) 
Tight End1971Greg WagonerSr. 1st
 1997Justin DurbinSr. 1st
Athlete 2011 Alonzo Moore Sr. 1st (AA MVP) 

End1966Mike SpanglerJr.1st
 1968Mike ParkerSr.(HM)
 1971James HutchinsSr.1st
 1983Gary IrvinSr.1st
 1991Chad HarkinsSr.(HM)
 2011, 2012 Michael Patterson Jr. , Sr.(HM), 1st 
Lineman1968Charles EaglesSr.(HM)
 1972James JohnsonSr.1st (AAA MVP)
 1973Roosevelt RobinsonSr.1st
 1978Woody GriggSr.1st
 1979Craig CummingsSr.1st
 1979Tommy CampbellSr.(HM)
 1984Roger WilliamsSr.(HM)
 2008Hykeem BredaSr.(HM)
 2012, 2013Leroy HardwellJr., Sr.2nd, 1st (AA MVP)
 2013Brandon HargroveSr.(HM)
Linebacker1971-1972Lionel JohnsonJr. & Sr.1st (AAA MVP)
 1978-1979Ricky ChatmanJr. & Sr.1st (AA MVP)
 1982Marcel MillsSr.1st
 2001Terrance WadeSr.(HM)
 2003Johnathan YerbySr.(HM)
 2008Jarvis PowellSr.1st
 2009Kiamonte Wilson Jr. (HM) 
 2011Frank Swafford Sr. 1st 
 2012Trey WilliamsSr.1st
 2013Chris EllisSr.1st
Back1971Alan CarterSr.1st
 1973Charles OliverSr.1st
 1976Dennis BrownSr.1st
 1979-1980Jeffery DaleJr. & Sr.1st
 1988Carey BroudySr.1st
 1990Corek HallSr.2nd
 1996Viron SmithSr.1st
 1999-2000Freddie KingJr. & Sr.HM (Jr.), 1st (Sr.)
 2001Andrew SmithSr.1st
 2001Antwun BarnesSr.(HM)
 2011Dee Williams Sr. (HM) 
 2013LaRoderick EvansSr.1st
Place Kicker1981Tommy LathamSr.(HM)
 2003Andrew Shelton Sr. (HM) 
 2011, 2012John SheltonJr. , Sr.(HM), 1st 
Punter1969Robbie RichardsSr.1st
 1987Chip ClarkSr.1st
 2014Aaron MorenoJr.1st
 2016Shelby CreelSr.1st
Return Specialist1993Anthony NashSr.1st
 1996Viron SmithSr.(HM)
 1998Freddie KingSoph.1st